Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cops, kids and a new trilogy

I’m delighted to participate in the new blog for Harlequin American Romance authors. I’ve been writing for the line for more than twenty years and love the stories that combine family, romance and a touch of humor.

My last series – the five book s of Downhome Doctors – focused on a small Tennessee town in desperate need of physicians. My latest trilogy, which begins in February with The Doctor’s Little Secret, has a pediatrician hero (as you might guess from the title!) and a policewoman heroine.

The three books in the trilogy focus on police officers and the women and children in their lives. Plus there’s a subplot about old and new scandals in the police department in a fictional California town called Villazon. The second and third books will be Daddy Protector, in May, and Twin Surprise, in September.

Years ago, when I wrote for a newspaper called the Orange Coast Daily Pilot and later for The Associated Press in Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time around police departments. It was fascinating to hear the stories and points of view expressed by the officers. In addition, a friend of mine who works for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department reads my manuscripts and helps keep me accurate.

Funny note: Recently when I served on a jury (in a lawsuit over a traffic case), the judge asked if any of us had law enforcement connections, presumably to make sure we didn’t know anyone who would be testifying. I explained the situation, since in a sense I do have such a connection. The judge (a woman) and many of the potential jurors were delighted to meet an author, so hopefully some of them are reading this blog!

I look forward to hearing your reactions to my new trilogy. You can read more at my website,

Happy holidays!

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