Saturday, May 19, 2007

Frenzied in my chair

If you walked by my office and saw me sitting at the computer, I’d look busy, but calm. The truth is, I’m frenzied! Deadlines for a contracted book, a proposal for a new novel, plus a synopsis for another. I want to include the proposal and the synopsis with the contracted book. Then there’s an e-Harlequin promotion and the text for that, due soon. All these things are keeping me busy, busy, busy. Now don’t get me wrong. I like to be busy, setting goals and striving to meet them—that’s my preferred mode.

But sometimes all the work gets to be a bit much. You know the old adage, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl? Well, it’s an adage because it’s true. In light of that, I’m taking most of the weekend off to play. Seattle is hosting its third annual Cheese Festival this weekend and I’ll be there, wallowing in cheeses from all over the world. Hopefully when I come home I’ll be ready for a week of hard work.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable, stress-free weekend,

Ann Roth
Summer Lovin’ Anthology: A Reunion Story, June 2007
Mitch Takes A Wife, August, 2007

P. S. To date there is no word on the title of that book you helped me with. I hope to find out the title soon, though, and will keep you posted.

Better Late Than Never

That will be my epitaph, I'm sure. But what counts is that I am here and very excited about being a part of the Harlequin American family.

My first book for HAR, Family by Design, will be a January '08 release, so we have lots of time to get to know each other. Having written five books for Silhouette Romance, I'm especially happy to have found a new home where I can continue to write stories about families and communities.

I'm a Kansas girl, born and raised in the Sunflower State and have lived here all my life. From big city to small town to a rural farm, I've come full circle and am now back in the big city and loving it. The only thing I miss is the solitude of the "country", where I enjoyed walking up and down the road anytime I felt like it and never had to worry if the neighbors might see me in my pajamas--or worse. My four daughters moved to the city with me, and the two oldest have gifted me with three grandchildren. #4 will arrive this fall. We're very big on family and get together every Saturday night (all 11 of us, counting spouses and fiances!) to play board games or just enjoy talking and laughing together.

Besides writing, I also design websites and baby-sit the aforementioned grandkids. Life is full and wonderful! Well, except for the bottle of wood glue spilled on the carpet and the cell phone that was flushed....

Have a wonderful start to the summer!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Five days and counting...

I work as support staff for a school district. The year is drawing to a close, and all the students in my classes are getting antsy.

To tell the truth, so am I.

There are a million and one things I need to do in these next five days before school ends, and a gazillion things I have to do in the weeks after. And don't you just know those three long--and loooooong-awaited--months will fly by?

My summer days are made for catch-up, work and around-the-house chores, errands and appointments. In July, I'll be at the national conference of the Romance Writers of America, held this year in Dallas. My husband and I are still thinking about what trip we'll take together. Planning it is always half the fun. And my number-one priority this summer--already highlighted all through my calendar--is to write, Write, WRITE!

How about you? Have any plans? Going somewhere special--to a well-loved spot you visit year after year or to a location that's new and different?

Vacation time will be here before you know it!

All my best to you,



Barbara White Daille

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sigh-Worthy Heroes

What makes a hero sigh-worthy?

Is your favorite sigh-worthy hero a cowboy? Lawyer? Doctor? Bad Boy? Pirate? DEA Agent? Soldier? High-powered businessman?

What about tax accountants, pharmacists, computer programmers, realtors and managers of department stores? Granted, there's a certain image associated with a cowboy that makes it difficult for a department-store manager to compete with…tight jeans, boots, cowboy hat and swagger.

What's missing in an "Average Joe" that they rarely make an appearance in romance novels? Is it because many of us women are married to one of these guys? Or is it because it isn't as easy for authors to make Average Joe jump off the pages and into the hearts of readers?

What traits or characteristics--besides a HOT body--do you believe Average Joe, who drives a Saturn, needs to possess to become sigh-worthy?

Happy Reading,
The Preacher's Daughter/Summer Lovin' Anthology June 07

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love and the small screen

It’s mid-May, the time for endings, and, by the same token, for beginnings. My older son just arrived home from his junior year in college and my younger son is preparing for high school graduation. So it's the start of a summer full of family get-togethers -- and preparation for fall enrollment!

Meanwhile, the spring planting season is winding up here in Southern California, and the summer vegetables are beginning to poke into view. This year, I’m growing tomatoes, along with zucchini, lettuce (if the snails don’t eat it all!), green beans, basil, parsley, cucumbers and eggplant.

May also marks the end of the TV season. Goodbye to old favorites, although many will return. Hello to summer replacements.

Re the old season: Those of who love romance appreciate how the writers on Smallville have managed to keep the sparks alive between Clark and Lana, even after her marriage to Lex. Other favorites: the shenanigans on Desperate Housewives, which I just discovered this year and am frantically catching up on, and the stylish and touching turns on Grey’s Anatomy.

I’ll also miss Jericho, which somehow manages a touch of romance amid the carnage, and 24, where poor Jack Bauer just can’t seem to get his hands on Audrey. Plus, I really enjoy the husband-wife relationships on The Unit.

While I’ll miss them this summer, this means the start of more time to catch up on my reading. I’ll see you at the bookstore!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Hangover!!!

Is it possible to have too much fun on Mother's Day? I'm exhausted!! LOL!! For starters, all three of my sweeties made cards with actual handwritten notes inside!! You may laugh, but getting teens to write from the heart when they're not being given extra credit isn't easy!!

We then headed off to the Muskogee Renaissance Faire. Son #1 took his girlfriend, so they promptly ditched us, but Daughter and Son #2 were smart and stayed with the money!! (The only time we saw Son #1 all day was when he ran low on cash!! )

The pic is from left to right, Son #2, Daughter, Son #1's girlfriend, Son #1. We happened upon the happy couple practicing archery, and needing cash for ice cream!!

After weeks of rain, the day was gorgeous and sunny--just right for munching on all of the yummy food!! The hands-down family fave was chizlicks (I know I'm spelling this wrong), which is elk steak. AMAZINGLY tasty!! We were at the grocery store last night, and Daughter asked the butcher if they're able to get elk. He'd never heard of an elk!!! We found this funny, but then seeing how we had the giggles from too much sun and sweets, pretty much anything would've made us laugh!!

I made pasta salad for dinner, then we all sat down for a movie. Turistas convinced me to never EVER again leave the country!! Wow, was it scary!!!

I was sad that I didn't get to see my mom on Mother's Day, but she and Dad were planting trees to replace the ones our late ice storm killed.

Anyway, I hope all of you other mothers out there are feeling as hungover on happiness as I am!! Now, it's back to reality. I'm working on a fun new writing project, but I'm thinking it may have to wait until after I take a nap!!

Anyone else have any Mother's Day fun to share??