Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Happy Anniversary To Me!

One year ago today, I received THE CALL from HARLEQUIN® AMERICAN ROMANCE® Senior Editor, Kathleen Scheibling—at 10:02 AM to be exact. My life changed instantly and it’s been a whirlwind year ever since.

My debut book, BETTING ON TEXAS released this month. HOME TO THE COWBOY releases in August and I am currently wrapping up LEGACY OF A LONE STAR, due on my editor’s desk Monday morning.

Many exciting projects are planned for the upcoming year. I'm going to take a few risks and see where they lead. In this industry, there’s no limit to your imagination. You can create small towns, big cities, new worlds—the pen is the most powerful tool in the world. Everything starts with a thought, and as authors, we turn those thoughts into realities.

I love my job. It’s a dream come true and I can’t say that enough. Every day I wake up saying, "I did it!" My wish for everyone over the next twelve months is to live your dreams. Let nothing hold you back from doing what you love. You have the power—it’s within all of us. Reach for it, grab it and do it! Make no apologies for those dreams, because I sure don’t.

Life is too short. I realized that almost two years ago when I lost a very dear friend to cancer. I vowed that day to do everything I could with whatever time I have on this earth.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME – Tomorrow I want to celebrate your anniversary—of anything you do—make today the first day. I have faith in you…have faith in yourself and as Walt Disney said—If you can dream it, you can do it.

So tell me...what we will celebrate of yours tomorrow? Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid—start simple with a one-day goal—start writing that movie script you've always wanted to write, sign up for the piano lessons you've always wanted to take—take that first step towards your dream and tomorrow we'll celebrate together.

Now go do it! :)

Peace, love and paws,

Amanda Renee
Betting on Texas (March 2013)
Home to the Cowboy (August 2013)
Legacy of a Lone Star (Early 2014)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Delivery Day

It's delivery day, the day I send my newest baby, my pride and joy, my current manuscript for out to meet the world.  As with the birth of a child, there's a flurry of last-minute activity.  A final read-through of the story, the careful administration of a few finishing touches, followed by huge sigh of relief that, yes, everything came together the way I imagined it would.  Then, one final push to get the manuscript out the door.

Of course, as with a birth, that's only the start.  There'll be revisions and several rounds of edits, dedications and letters to write before my baby slips into a beautiful new jacket (cover art).  But all that is down the road.

Because, today is delivery day.  Catch you later.