Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cops, kids and a new trilogy

I’m delighted to participate in the new blog for Harlequin American Romance authors. I’ve been writing for the line for more than twenty years and love the stories that combine family, romance and a touch of humor.

My last series – the five book s of Downhome Doctors – focused on a small Tennessee town in desperate need of physicians. My latest trilogy, which begins in February with The Doctor’s Little Secret, has a pediatrician hero (as you might guess from the title!) and a policewoman heroine.

The three books in the trilogy focus on police officers and the women and children in their lives. Plus there’s a subplot about old and new scandals in the police department in a fictional California town called Villazon. The second and third books will be Daddy Protector, in May, and Twin Surprise, in September.

Years ago, when I wrote for a newspaper called the Orange Coast Daily Pilot and later for The Associated Press in Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time around police departments. It was fascinating to hear the stories and points of view expressed by the officers. In addition, a friend of mine who works for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department reads my manuscripts and helps keep me accurate.

Funny note: Recently when I served on a jury (in a lawsuit over a traffic case), the judge asked if any of us had law enforcement connections, presumably to make sure we didn’t know anyone who would be testifying. I explained the situation, since in a sense I do have such a connection. The judge (a woman) and many of the potential jurors were delighted to meet an author, so hopefully some of them are reading this blog!

I look forward to hearing your reactions to my new trilogy. You can read more at my website,

Happy holidays!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hello from Victoria

Hi. I just joined the HAR loop and the blogger community. I don't know much about blogging - I've been listening to Karen/Kara talk about it and generally avoiding it because I can see how it could get time consuming, and frankly, I don't need another time-killer because I'm really good at creating multiple projects and just goofing off on my own! However, I'm glad to be here.

I'm working on a new series set in fictional Brody's Crossing, Texas. The first book, Temporarily Texan, is finished and will be out in July 2007. I'm working on the second book right now about an avante garde hairdresser named Scarlett who gets stuck in Texas on her way to California and the small town lawyer who confronts her about bad hair potential lawsuits. I just finished a series of seven HAR books set in Ranger Springs, Texas (Hill Country.) In my other life, I've written historical, paranormal and short contemporary romance for other publishers.

I'm also a new grandmother (6 month old Lilly) and work part-time at our business managing the financial aspects of the company with the help of my assistant. I'm from Kentucky originally, but married a Texan and ended up here because -- well, that's what Texans do. They return to Texas ASAP. Didn't know that! I thought I was going to live in Colorado forever.

I won't be online much next week because I'm having some minor eye surgery on Tuesday. Nothing serious, but I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring the blog, although I'm rather bad about remembering to log on and do things. Maybe Karen can remind me. TTY later.

My projects

Happy December 1! I live in St. Louis and we got hit with 2-3 inches of freezing rain and then some snow on top of that. So basically everything is shut down.

I talked with my agent today, firming up my new 3-book deal for Harlequin American. In November 2007, I'll have 2 books out, one with the NASCAR driver (this isn't an American) and then a book I must finish by March 1, tentatively titled Picture Perfect. That will be out the same month and deals with a globe-trotting photojournalist who falls in love with his next door neighbor, a girl who has never even been out of her town.

Out right now in stores, though, is The Wedding Secret, my December release and the second book in my American Beauties continuity series. Romantic Times just gave me 4 stars, so I'm thrilled.

Here's the teaser: After landing a plum position at the hottest talk show in the country, Cecile Duletsky is ready for just about anything. Anything but a complicated relationship, that is. When she meets gorgeous Luke Shaw at her sister's wedding, though, Cecile feels a powerful attraction. What would it hurt to spend one fabulous night with him? Whatever Luke wants, Luke gets. After Cecile disappears from his bed, Luke's not entirely sure how to react. But that's before he shows up for work and meets Cecile--his new employee--in the boardroom. Just being her boss isn't enough…and he's determined to make sure the next time he walks down the aisle, Cecile's on his arm.


Thursday, November 30, 2006


Like everyone else I'm checking in. It's great to have a blog for Harlequin American authors.

The ice that virtually has shut down Seattle since Monday is at last melting. We live on a hill and I'm awfully glad. Means I don't have to put on boots and trek a mile to get to the grocery store. On the other hand, I'll be able to tell people, "Back in aught six I had to walk a mile through ice and snow to reach civilization." LOL

I'll be back later with more.

Writing Projects

Hi Kara, your firefighter series sounds wonderful. What woman can resist a firefighter hero!

I'm in the middle of my McKade Brothers series. Aaron Under Construction came out Aug 2006. (Takes place in a hispanic Barrio of Los Angeles) Nelson in Command hits the shelves Jan 07 (Small Illinois dairy farm) and Ryan's Renovation (Neighborhood in Queens NYC) comes out Aug 07. Before Ryan's book I've got a short story included in the *Summer Lovin'* American Anthology called The Preacher's Daughter out June 07 (fictitious town in the Colorado mountains). Next up is a series which takes place in the Kentucky Appalachian Mountains. The books center around a Scotch-Irish clan whose ancestors settled the area in the 1700's. I'm having a great time researching the area, customs and people. Someday I hope to travel there!

Happy Reading!

trying to get the hang of this

Okay, I signed in and signed up to blog. This is a trial run. It sounds like fun. Hope to see everyone from HAR here on the blog, and readers, too. Roz

Just staying hello ...

Hi, there, and thanks to Michele Dunaway for setting up our blog!

I thought it might be fun if we all mentioned what we're working on, what releases we have coming out, or what plans we have for the holidays.

Me, I have a firefighter series coming out in January, February and March of 2007. I had a particularly good time researching the books (hanging out at fire stations with hunky guys). So watch for FIREHOUSE 59. The first book is THE FAMILY RESCUE. (You can see the cover if you look at my profile.)

I'm working on another book now, about a wilderness outfitter who inherits ten million dollars--but doesn't want it. Of course the heroine is the one trying to give him the money. It's a contest of wills between the guy from the Texas Hill Country and the girl from New York. I don't have a title yet.

No big plans for the holidays, probably just a quiet time with a few family members. But the pressure is on from the neighborhood. I have to decorate my house. There is a contest for the block with the best decorations, and the winners get a block party next summer, paid for by the neighborhood association. We won last year, and now we have a reputation to uphold.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Coming soon

Coming soon,

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