Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Expensive to go Cowboy!

As many of you know...I love anything cowboy--clothes, music, furniture, jewelry, food...and you'll find plenty of "cowboy" in this magazine!  If you haven't read this before...check it out.  You'd be surprised what you'll learn about cowboys and the cowboy culture in America.

Years ago before "Cowboy" became popular my husband and I would take Sunday drives in Texas and stop at barn sales or out-of-the-way places that sold "rustic junk."  I'd always find something I couldn't live without and slowly over time I've collected some fun cowboy things and a few "conversation" pieces.  Today "cowboy" themed decorating is more popular than ever but it comes with a hefty price-tag! 

Since I write cowboy stories and have to describe their homes in my books, I thought it would be fun to share some furnishings from a website I sometimes use to help describe items in my books.

Okay, it looks like my photos aren't showing up--apologies for that!  But if you have time today, hop over to the website above and check out all the neat items.  I bet you'll find something you can't live without!
If you have a favorite decorating theme in your home, share a link to one of your shopping sites!

Marin Thomas
Arizona Cowboy (April 2012
A Cowboy's Duty (Aug 2012)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I love it when my blog date falls on Father's Day because it gives me an opportunity to honor my dad as well as yours.

Happy Father's Day to all the important men in your life!

Today, I'd like to talk about two men in my life. One's real. The other's fictional, but so real to me I feel as though he's stepped off the page and stolen my heart.

First, my dad.

Along with the wonderful traits of being a good husband and father and family provider, he had a few quirks. One of them was being the eternal fixer-upper.

From a couple of pieces of plywood and a few two-by-fours, he could make a set of bookshelves that doubled as a room divider. From a snarl of old twine, he could crochet a sack to keep his extra cash safe when he went off on a road trip on his motorcycle. He could transform a pile of chicken bones and a handful of herbs into the best soup you've ever tasted.

But my dad could never take a set of directions or a recipe and follow along step-by-step. Oh, no—he had to do things his way.

So does the hero of my August Harlequin American, HONORABLE RANCHER.

Ben Sawyer's way is to offer a hand in friendship, to be there when folks need him, to live up to everyone's expectations. To be the boy next door to the woman he's always loved from afar. The widow of his best friend.


Until he realizes he can't live his life following along step-by-step.

Until, like my dad, he decides to throw away the directions and do things his way.

This decision changes his life and that of the woman he loves...and just about everyone else's in the small town of Flagman's Folly!


I think it has suddenly hit me why I love and respect and look up to Ben Sawyer.

And why I dedicated HONORABLE RANCHER to my dad.


On this special day, I hope you'll take a moment to honor the special men in your life—and to leave a comment or share a story about one of them here.

All my best to you,



Barbara White Daille