Friday, June 24, 2011

You're gonna make it after all

Back in the early '70s I was like a lot of young women—single, self-sufficient, working nine-to-five, and enjoying everything a big city has to offer. And I loved my job as an advertising copywriter. I was living the life of my television heroine, Mary Richards.

I loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show! It seemed each of my co-workers reflected a character on the show...and of course I was Mary!

I had a great apartment, although not quite as cool as Mary's attic apartment at 119 North Weatherly Avenue in Minneapolis (a fictional address). Anyone remember the apartment number?

And then of course there was the famous hat-toss, which is still, all these years later, my favorite television moment.

I recently had my own Mary Tyler Moore moment...and was really, really sorry I didn't have a hat with me!

Then again, sometimes it's better to let the perfect metaphor be just that, especially when it's now cast in bronze.

Do you have a favorite fictional heroine? I love to hear about her!

Until next time,