Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hello from Sunny Texas

Greetings from Texas, where the rain has stopped (for now) and we're looking forward to the Romance Writers of America conference here next week. If you are in the Dallas area, I hope you will come to the Literary Booksigning on Wednesday evening, beginning at 5:30 pm at the Hyatt Hotel. You can get more information on the RWA website -

I hope to sign my July release, TEMPORARILY TEXAN, at the autographing if the books arrive. Publishers donate the books and all the proceeds go to literacy efforts.

TEMPORARILY TEXAN is the first book in my new "Brody's Crossing" series for HAR. Brody's Crossing is a fictional town in a real part of Texas, near the Young County seat of Graham. This is an interesting region where cattle ranches, oil and mineral reserves, and gravel pits exist with rolling hills, rocky mesas, and rampant wildflowers. My friend and fellow writer, Rebecca Russell, and I went to Graham, TX for a research trip last winter. The area hadn't changed much from the first time I visited with my late mother-in-law years ago to attend the wedding of a cattle rancher's daughter. I hope to have some of the photos uploaded on my website, but probably not until after the RWA conference!

Our July Harlequin American Romances will be out starting Tuesday, so please take a look. One thing about my book cover, though; the heroine's "real" haircolor is black. (Hint: Her name is RAVEN!) On the cover, she has light brown hair. I have no idea why the art department does this sometimes, but the setting is really nice inside Dewey's, a regular meeting place in Brody's Crossing, Texas. Come visit me there!


Mistake made... and comments, anyone?

Unfortunately, Marin posted an incorrect email address for me. My contact info is So Abamabecky, if you've emailed already and have gotten no reply, this is why. Please email again!

Here is a question for today. What are you reading this week? I was gone last week and picked up Sandcastles by Luanne Rice. So far it's excellent!

Ann Roth
Summer' Lovin (A Reunion Story), June 2007
Mitch Takes A Wife, August 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm gone but not my post!

As you read this, I am in Ahsland, Oregon at the Oregon Shakespeare festival. This is our fifth time there. The festival opens in February and closes in November, but we always go in the summer. Ashland is a great town that boasts nature walks, a small university, and the best theater I've ever seen. (the acting! The sets!) There are three theaters and the festival offers plays by Shakespeare and other great playwrights, both modern and old. You can take a backstage tour and learn about what goes on behind the scenes. And it's only 12 miles from Medford, home of Harry and David and Jackson & Perkins roses. Touring the gardens where they develop new rose varieties is a real treat..

We love to drive down the Oregon coast and spend the Fourth of July in Ashland because the town puts on the best little parade ever. All the kids participate, and it's just plain fun. At night we skip the fireworks to see a play at the Elizabethan theater, which is a theater with no ceiling and looks out on the starry sky. Talk about fabulous. This year, Romeo and Juliet. How romantic.

I've left my laptop behind and won't be responding to any comments. But I'll look forward to reading them when I get home. (For a mere three days before I leave for RWA in Dallas!)
Congratulations to the June winners of books by Laura Altom, Marin Thomas and me! I don't even know who you are yet (I left town July 1, before the winners were chosen) and am excited to find out!

Ann Roth

Summer Lovin' Anthology: A Reunion Story, June 2007
Mitch Takes A Wife, August, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My New View

Not long ago my son and I switched rooms. His bedroom is now in the basement, and my office is upstairs, overlooking the backyard. I didn’t particularly want to switch rooms, but it meant a lot to him…and well, you know how it goes.

So now, instead of looking at four walls and seeing light pour into a little window, all while listening to the washer and dryer, my desk now faces the backyard. And because sometimes the words don’t come as easy as I would like while I write, I’ve recently begun to take notice of a lot of things outside.

We have two new things in our backyard this summer. The first is a bird feeder. It's hanging on a black iron holder right next to a maple tree that has recently grown by leaps and bounds. Birds have discovered it, and I’m constantly filling the thing. And constantly watching for my new favorite pair of birds…a male and female cardinal. Now, Kara Lennox is a bird watcher extraordinaire! I’m just a cardinal watcher, I’m afraid. But I do get a kick out of seeing them together. I’ve never really been a fan of birds, but this pair is making me wonder if maybe I’ve been missing out on something and didn’t even know it.

The other new thing in our backyard is a garden my husband and son planted. There’s all kinds of things growing in it~ tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. But the star of the show is my son’s pumpkin plant. Oops, excuse me, GIANT PUMPKIN plant. When they put the little plant in the ground, it was kind of cute. It fit in the little area, and we all envisioned a pumpkin or two for Halloween. Boy, were we wrong! I am pretty sure it grows at least a foot a day. It’s grown outside the wooden ties that border the garden, and just keeps growing…and going!

Frankly, my daughter and I find it a little scary. Its leaves are bigger than Phoebe-the-beagle’s head. We have to check it often to make sure it doesn’t go through the fence and into our neighbor’s yard. And so far, we’ve counted eight blooms. Eight! The thing’s enormous. People who know plants and gardens more than we do (which is pretty much everyone!) say we were idiots~I guess pumpkin vines need a place of their own. Right now, I’d guess that it’s trying to take over our whole backyard. I’ll let you know if it wins.

Oh, on another note…for those of you who might remember my Day of Extreme in Costa Rica…our family leaves for West Virginia tomorrow, with the highlight on Thursday being Class V rapids on the New River. However, I will not be white water rafting. Nope, I have a pedicure scheduled at a nearby spa.

I can’t tell you who’s more excited. : )


Monday, July 02, 2007

And the Winners Are.....

Now that I have your attention….Before I announce the Summer Lovin' contest winners I'd like to invite you all to stop by and check out my daily serial, True Confessions.

What happens when a confirmed bachelor falls for a girl he knows is the marrying kind? Turn to his parish priest to confess his sinful thoughts, of course!

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned!

I, Patrick Felch, confirmed bachelor, have been having impure thoughts about my hot new neighbor, Dolly Mathews. She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, and has a body that…Well, anyway Father, I can tell she’s not the type to be interested in just a fling, but how do I keep myself from asking her out and trying to get her into bed? After all, there’s no way I’m looking for a serious commitment, not this guy, no way!

A new chapter is posted M-F until July 20th. Hope you'll stop!

Okay, back to business….I want to thank each and every poster for the month of June! Our Summer Lovin' Contest was a huge success. I hope all of you will continue to stop by our blog and share your thoughts and comments.

Brethe is the winner of Laura Marie Altom's US Marshals series, Saving Joe, Marrying the Marshal, His Baby Bonus and To Catch a Husband.

Abamabecky is the winner of Ann Roth's The Man She'll Marry and It Happened One Wedding, the first two books in her To Wed ... Or Not To Wed miniseries.

Kathleen is the winner of Marin Thomas's McKade Brothers series, Aaron Under Construction, Nelson in Command and Ryan's Renovation.

Each winner will need to contact their author with their full name and address.

Congratulations ad thanks for participating in our Summer Lovin contes!!

Marin Thomas
Ryan's Renovation (Aug 07)
For The Children (Oct 07)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer reading -- just for fun!

Every year, newspapers and magazines run lists of recommended beach or poolside reading. I hope you’re all buying the releases from Harlequin American, but I thought I’d offer a few additional recommendations.

My all-time favorite is Pride and Prejudice. And I recently ran across the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, a charming coming-of-age story by Mark Haddon, written from the point of view of an autistic boy.

But mostly, I’m recommending books written by friends, because I love their work. You can find these at your favorite bookstore or on-line at

In the field of romantic suspense, Kat Martin’s The Summit is a fast-moving read about a woman whose dreams lead her to a rescue mission. Dead Shot by Annie Solomon tells the gripping story of an art photographer, her bodyguard and a dangerously obsessed fan. Don’t overlook Suzanne Forster’s The Arrangement and Diane Pershing’s One Cool Lawman (from Silhouette Romantic Suspense).

For an exciting foray into the vampire genre, try One With the Night by Susan Squires. A lighter venture into the paranormal comes from Maureen Child. Her More Than Fiends features a maid service owner who discovers that her centuries-old cleaning solution has hidden powers.

Looking for historical romance? Don’t miss A Lady of Scandal by one of my favorite Regency authors, Nicole Byrd. In the Western genre, you’ll enjoy Karen Kay’s Red Hawk’s Woman.

For a private-eye story with a humorous touch, check out The Sex on the Beach Book Club by Jennifer Apodaca and Meow Is for Murder by Linda O. Johnston.

As you can see, I’m blessed with wonderfully talented friends. Once you’ve read their books, I hope you’ll consider them your friends, too.