Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just staying hello ...

Hi, there, and thanks to Michele Dunaway for setting up our blog!

I thought it might be fun if we all mentioned what we're working on, what releases we have coming out, or what plans we have for the holidays.

Me, I have a firefighter series coming out in January, February and March of 2007. I had a particularly good time researching the books (hanging out at fire stations with hunky guys). So watch for FIREHOUSE 59. The first book is THE FAMILY RESCUE. (You can see the cover if you look at my profile.)

I'm working on another book now, about a wilderness outfitter who inherits ten million dollars--but doesn't want it. Of course the heroine is the one trying to give him the money. It's a contest of wills between the guy from the Texas Hill Country and the girl from New York. I don't have a title yet.

No big plans for the holidays, probably just a quiet time with a few family members. But the pressure is on from the neighborhood. I have to decorate my house. There is a contest for the block with the best decorations, and the winners get a block party next summer, paid for by the neighborhood association. We won last year, and now we have a reputation to uphold.


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