Friday, September 28, 2007

What do you know? It's the 26th Again!

Sorry, sorry! I was supposed to fill in for Ann Roth on the 26th, but like Barbara, the flu has swept through the school where I work, as well. After two days of throne-hugging, I'm headed back today, but am wondering how long I'll last.

Before being hit with this affliction, one of my students head-butted me, and landed me in physical therapy for two weeks! This will for sure be a September I can't wait to be rid of.

Daughter and I are supposed to be off to Stillwater and Norman this weekend for cheer, but seeing how she's sick, too, I'm thinking we may just sleep.

Meanwhile, Hubby's been wined at dined at the Phoenix Westin all week. Is that fair????? NOOOO!!! LOL!! He comes home tonight, to the dreaded House of Germs!!

Off to do my scary hair, but wanted to apologize for missing Ann's big day!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

I'll admit it - I'm hooked on Dancing with the Stars. Can you believe how good the professionals look in their skimpy little outfits!?!? How much do those women weigh, anyway? And how about the high heels. I couldn't walk in them, much less dance. And then there's the matter of those sexy Russian guys. What can I say other than woo-woo-woo.

How about the amateurs. You have to give those folks an A+ for chutzpah. On this season's show there's a competitor who is either stuffed or Botoxed. That one's a little hard to take. A couple of seasons back there was guy who looked like he was dancing in clown shoes. Now seriously, if you were completely devoid of rhythm and tone deaf, would you dance on a nationwide television show? Not me, baby. And how about parading around in front of millions of people with your midriff showing. Personally, I'd rather eat snails.

But, you can bet your bottom dollar that next week I'll be glued to the TV.


Ann DeFee
The Perfect Tree - Harlequin American Romance Christmas Anthology - November 2007
Georgia On His Mind - Harlequin American Romance - August 2007
Summer After Summer - Harlequin Everlasting Love - September 2007
Goin' Down to Georgia - Harlequin American Romance - March 2008

Monday, September 24, 2007

Television Premiere Week

Several of my favorite shows have their season premieres this week and I’m really looking forward to them. The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters. My current top favorite, Men in Trees, doesn’t start until October 12, so I’m doing my best to be patient I also enjoyed October Road last spring and I hope it’ll be back, although I’ve heard that if it is, we might not see it until sometime in 2008.

Both Men in Trees and October Road are a lot like Harlequin American Romances, don’t you think? Everyday people overcoming difficulties with the help of their family and friends, and finding love and happiness in the communities they call home. I used to love Gilmore Girls for the same reason.

I find these shows to be wonderfully entertaining, but as a writer I also learn a lot from watching them. Once I’m hooked on a show, I’m intrigued to see how the writers develop the characters and their story arcs. In a way, a season of the show is like book and each episode is a chapter. This is also the focus of my new blog, The Writer Side of Life, and I hope you’ll drop by and visit me there, too!

I’d love to know what everyone plans to watch this week. What’s your favorite show? Any other fans of The Office who can’t wait to find out how Jim and Pam’s date went? ;)


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our Little Lassie Dog

Some time ago I read about a study done involving dogs. A hundred people - a random mixture of dog lovers, dog haters and everything in between - listened to a recording of five different dog barks ranging from happy/playful to angry/aggressive. Each and every person in the study correctly identified the different dog barks. No exceptions. Even the dog haters were able to tell the difference in the dog barks. The scientists concluded that the relationship between dogs and humans goes back tens of thousands of years and that the two species are completely inter-dependant.

I thought the study was interesting when I heard it but not until a few weeks ago did I realize how accurate the results are. I was home alone working in my office when I heard my daughter's little 8 pound Papillon, Tsuki, barking. At first, I didn't pay any attention. Like a lot of little dogs, he barks all the time. But after a minute or two, I realized there was something different about this barking. It seemed more urgent, more panicked. I decided to go outside and investigate.

Good thing I did. My son's dog, Crush, a 'gi-normous' Dane/shepherd/Labrador/dalmatian mix, and Tsuki's best friend, lay trapped beneath a hundred pound wooden cabinet that had fallen on him. His collar was caught on a piece of ornamental iron, and he was choking. It took me about a minute to pry my thumb beneath his collar and free him. I'm not sure how much longer he would have lasted. A panting Crush stumbled away to rest against the door. Tsuki went immediately over to sniff his friend and whine sympathetically. I was quite impressed with Tsuki and called my daughter to tell her about her pint-sized Lassie.

If I hadn't discerned a difference in Tsuki's barking, I might not have gone outside in time to save Crush. Whatever the reason humans can perfectly differentiate between a dog's various barks, I'm just glad we can. If we couldn't, I might not have rescued Crush in time.

Cathy McDavid - one of those dog lovers :-)