Thursday, July 29, 2010


First, an apology for being late posting this morning.

Second, an explanation. I'm currently writing this post from the Dolphin/Swan resort in Florida (site of this year's RWA national conference).

In just the 24 hours I've been here, I've seen friends I haven't seen in entirely too long and I've met new people I wouldn't know if not for RWA. I've attended my first of many parties (this one for my agency), and participated in the big Literacy Signing that is held at this conference each year.

My favorite part of any conference is being with like minded people (readers and writers alike). It's motivating and it's exciting. It is, in many ways, the juice that recharges my battery.

So, tell me, what are ways you recharge your battery in life?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am so sorry to get this in so late, but my mind has been swamped with packing, polishing my pitch and getting ready for the Romance Writer's of America convention in Orlando. I'm so excited! This is my favorite convention and I anticipate it for weeks ahead of time--then spend weeks recovering.

This year, I'm participating in the "Readers for Life" Literacy Signing. What a fabulous program! I am always amazed by--and proud of--the amount of money that is raised. If you've never been there, it is an awesome feeling to be in the same room as all those published writers. Incredibly inspiring, too.

I'm also giving a workshop at the conference this year. My friend, Sarah White, and I are talking about our "Deeply Flawed Heroes" and how to take them to bed (and not regret it in the morning!). We're planning to have a ton of fun and maybe impart a lesson or two. It's our first time presenting at the convention, so we're nervous, but looking forward to the experience.

Some news from me this month is that my upcoming release, Baby Bombshell, got 4 stars from RT Magazine. I confess to being a little concerned aobut this book. You see, Evan is one of those "deeply flawed" heroes I'm going to be talking about on Saturday. I am so happy that someone else loved him too. Well, besides Anna Berzani, the heroine of the book.

Take care and I'll see you next month.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cars and Shoe Shopping

What is it about cars? Why do they choose the least convenient times to break down?

I know. I know. I’m assigning human emotions to inanimate objects. Cars can’t think, feel, react. But after nearly ten years and a hundred-and-twenty thousand miles, our SUV is almost a member of the family. A member who’s reached the sunset years and now suffers from aches and pains and occasional breakdowns.

That’s what happened this week. A breakdown. The good news—if there can be any good news about a car that won’t start—is that it went belly-up in my own driveway. The bad news—Did I mention a dead car is never a good thing?—is that it’s the week before the Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference, and there were a couple of serious shoe shopping excursions on the agenda. I may not be a foot model but, as far as I’m concerned, the real purpose of a conference is to give me an excuse for buying new shoes. So, there I was, debit card in one hand, shoe list in the other…and no way to get to the store.

Now, I’ve heard that some cars will do anything to keep a mechanic from tinkering with their insides. And I guess, mine is one of those. Because the SUV which wouldn’t start for me, dear hubby, the neighbor, or the guys who came with the tow rig, purred like a kitten once it arrived at the repair shop. And for two days, while the mechanic scratched his head, it kept purring.

Which caused dear hubby to deem the car “unreliable.” Which means I can’t drive it the sixty miles to Orlando for the RWA conference. Or, equally important, take it shoe shopping. Which, in my mind, means we need a new car since I believe they should be reliable without requiring monthly trips to the repair shop.

Dear hubby, however, did not see the breakdown as an excuse to go car shopping. Instead, he decided to drive me (in his car, the reliable one) to conference a day ahead of schedule. So, yesterday, we embarked on a marathon errand running, shoe shopping extravaganza which was absolutely necessary in order to compress all the stuff I would have done last week (if the car hadn’t broken down) and the stuff I had planned to do this weekend, into one day.

One. Very. Long. Day.

The end result? Six pairs of shoes and a change of heart on the new car thing.

The ideal vehicle would tow our boat, occasionally seat seven, and not be too thirsty at the gas pump. In other words, fit my life like the perfect pair of shoes. Any suggestions?