Friday, December 01, 2006

My projects

Happy December 1! I live in St. Louis and we got hit with 2-3 inches of freezing rain and then some snow on top of that. So basically everything is shut down.

I talked with my agent today, firming up my new 3-book deal for Harlequin American. In November 2007, I'll have 2 books out, one with the NASCAR driver (this isn't an American) and then a book I must finish by March 1, tentatively titled Picture Perfect. That will be out the same month and deals with a globe-trotting photojournalist who falls in love with his next door neighbor, a girl who has never even been out of her town.

Out right now in stores, though, is The Wedding Secret, my December release and the second book in my American Beauties continuity series. Romantic Times just gave me 4 stars, so I'm thrilled.

Here's the teaser: After landing a plum position at the hottest talk show in the country, Cecile Duletsky is ready for just about anything. Anything but a complicated relationship, that is. When she meets gorgeous Luke Shaw at her sister's wedding, though, Cecile feels a powerful attraction. What would it hurt to spend one fabulous night with him? Whatever Luke wants, Luke gets. After Cecile disappears from his bed, Luke's not entirely sure how to react. But that's before he shows up for work and meets Cecile--his new employee--in the boardroom. Just being her boss isn't enough…and he's determined to make sure the next time he walks down the aisle, Cecile's on his arm.



Anonymous said...

Love the cover Michele! Hope I can still pick it up somewhere - I've gotten really behind on my reading and need to take some time and catch up.

Michele Dunaway said...

Thanks Tammy!