Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy-Ever-After Advice

What do you do if your hero and heroine need some good ol' fashioned relationship advice? Since I write a lot of cowboy books I turn to my favorite source for cowfolk advice. Thought it would be fun to share some snippets from...

Just One Fool Thing after Another
A Cowfolks' Guide to Romance by Gladiola Montana and Texas Bix Bender.

Attention without intention is flirtation.
To bring somebody into your life, take a step into theirs.
The ranch is work from sun to sun, but loves work is never done.
If your mind's set to ride a buckin' bronc, you'd better be prepared for the bruises.
When you fall into somebody's arms, you're fallin' into their hands as well.
A heart that ain't been broke thinks it's okay to go round breakin' others.
There's no cure for lovesickness, and nobody really wants one.

A man can build a house but it takes a woman to make it a home.

If you wanta stay single look for a perfect mate.
It may be more romantic to be the first love, but it's better to be the last.
When a woman makes up her mind you can always be sure she's gonna do exactly what she says—or not.
Women flirt to be appreciated; men mean it.

A woman wanted by men but disliked by women is nothin' but trouble.

The only time a woman can change a man is when he's a baby.

Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight it out.

When you're pickin' flowers everybody gets along. When it's time to muck the stalls is when you find out how true your love is.

Stolen kisses require an accomplice.

When you can't keep anything from 'em, you love 'em.

Big problems will pull you together. It's the little things that tear you apart.

Your turn! Share some of the advice friends or family have given you on personal relationships and marriage—was it good advice or poppycock?

Marin Thomas
The Bull Rider's Secret July 2011
A Rodeo Man's Promise (Dec 2011)
Arizona Cowboy (Feb 2012)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

North to Alaska

Okay, so I'm a little bummed about not going to New York this year for National. I must admit though that Alaska was worth the sacrifice. My hubby and I took our moms on a week long cruise through the inside passage to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan and finally Victoria BC.

The weather cooperated beautifully. Scenery was amazing. Although I missed the black bear that some folks saw, we did see plenty of whales in Glacier Bay, a mountain goat and two babies on the train ride out of Skagway, plus an upclose and personal with an eagle in Ketchikan.

Probably the highlight for me though was that hubby joined the spa the first day out and we were able to relax and take in much of the scenery at sea from the whirlpool or sitting in the loungers, just watching Alaska pass by. Being a warm water sort of gal, that one thing helped make Alaska more my type trip.

We ended the adventure in Butchart Gardens in Victoria the last evening and all I can say is that I wish we'd had more than three hours to wander through and take in the array of color and landscaping. Awesome.

For those of you like me who are sweltering here in the south, maybe the pics will give you a moment's relief. For everyone headed to New York at the end of the month, wishing you a wonderful time. Will miss you.

Anybody else out there have any trips planned this year?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mean Lady in Green Shorts!!/Contest

Please help find my missing book!!  This is what it looks like!!

Good morning!! Hope your summer is off to a way cooler start than ours here in Oklahoma!! One summer ritual I've had for a good ten years--probably more, but I'm too old to count--is my annual trek to the Romance Writers of America conference. This year, we're back in Manhattan, which means extra pressure to look polished and professional, rather than like I-haven't-left-the-house-in-three-days-and-dribbled-Spaghettios-down-the-front-of-my-shirt!!!

As part of the last push to prepare for my trip, I've been going to the gym--a lot!! I think my butt's a little smaller, but other than that, I haven't seen a whole lot of results. Anyway, yesterday was a half treadmill/half weight day, so Hannah and I schlepped from the movie-treadmill room to the ladies weight area.

In the ladies only area was a woman wearing annoying green shorts. They were bright, ill-fitting and kinda ugly considering how gorgeous she was!! If I had her body, you'd better believe I'd be wearing something seriously hot all the time!! (See what kinds of crazy ramblings fly through my head while on those horrible weight lifting machines??)

I'd just finished strengthening and toning my luscious thighs when the woman sneezed. As I would with any human--usually my dogs, too--I told her, "Bless you." Not only did she not reply, but she gave me a squinty little glare!!!! What was that about?? Was she an atheist? Or just generally not in the mood to be blessed?

Literally, a minute or two later she left, and we never saw her again. So now, I'm asking you--am I wrong in blessing folks when they sneeze? I appreciate every blessing I can get, and assumed everyone felt the same!! Comments? Other blessing experiences?  Grrr. 

In happier news, I supposedly have a book out this month called, A Cowgirl's Secret. That said, I have yet to see it here in Tulsa, because all of the May releases are still on the shelves. If you've seen my sweet story anywhere--Poughkeepsie, Mongolia, Detroit--please let me know!! First person to tell me where they found their copy wins their choice of any two books on my backlist, plus a romance-themed charm bracelet!!  (Amazon doesn't count!!  LOL!!!) 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The First Day of School

Oh, that first day your little one goes to school. You hold their hand, tell them everything will be okay and secretly cross your fingers, praying that you’re right. Your mind runs a million miles an hour. Have you done everything to get them ready to solo in the big, wide world? Do they know their manners? Are they wearing the right clothes? Will the other kids like them? Finally, the time arrives. You see them off. Tears gather, and you’re not sure who cries the most—them or you.

Release day for THE DADDY CATCH, my second book for Harlequin American, was earlier this week. Its launch felt an awful lot like the first day I sent my little one off to school.

By the time this book appeared on store shelves, I’d lived with the story for several years. I nurtured Jess, a fly fishing guide, from a vague image of blonde hair and sun-drenched skin into a fully-fledged single mom, a widow who wants to preserve a piece of old Florida as a legacy for her little boy. Dan burst onto the page fully-formed, but we still went through a few rough patches until he learned that Jess’s love was worth more than the acceptance of his peers. There were edits, lots of edits. They made the book stronger, better. The Art Department dressed it in a beautiful cover. And the day finally arrived when the book was out there, on its own.

Fortunately, the early reviews of THE DADDY CATCH have been great. Romantic Times gave it 4 stars, calling it “a charming romance with a solid plot.” It was voted Book of the Week at Long and Short Reviews. Dear Author listed it as a “Recommended Read” for June.

Like a mom on the first day of school, I’m relieved my little one is off to a good start. And tomorrow, I’ve been asked to talk a little more about THE DADDY CATCH on the Harlequin blog ( Join me there, won’t you?