Friday, November 07, 2008


Ch-ch-changes. 'Tis the season for them. We in the US just elected a new President, but he doesn't take office until the current President's term ends. The weather is playing games here in the Midwest (nothing new!) and I'm layering for the different times of day. I'd already put away my T-shirts once and turned on my heat, but then we've had a few weeks of 70 degree weather. Today I'm back in light-weight, long sleeves, but those Ts will stay handy. We've celebrated Halloween and look toward Thanksgiving.
On a personal level, I'm at the end of one book and beginning the process for the next. My CP (critique partner) has the bulk of the "old" one to review. She'll no doubt find plot holes, loose threads, logic flaws, and plain old typos. Bless her heart! So that book isn't really "finished."
And I'm trying to adjust to new contacts! This is the hardest of the changes for me, but like the revisions I anticipate, I know it'll be better once I've adjusted.
Are you a person who dislikes change? I know a lady who just won't move because of the upheaval it would bring. Why do you think we resist change when we deal with it everyday?
Until the next thing comes along, take care.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From the Heart

I recently attended the New Jersey RWA conference. What a terrific weekend! The theme of this year’s conference, Put Your Heart in A Book, was echoed throughout the conference. From Lisa Scottoline to J.R. Ward to Eloisa James, I heard it time and again—use your mind and your writing skills, but make readers care by putting your heart into every book and letting your passion for the story shine through.

Sometimes we hear what we need to, and apparently I needed to hear this message. For the past six months I have been making choices and decisions using my heart as well as my head. The experience has been both interesting and hugely rewarding. Why not do the same with novel writing? Not that I didn’t know about writing from the heart before. I did/do, and I strive to put lots of heart into every one of my stories. But hearing the message again is a timely reminder to me to share my passion by digging deep and creating characters, however flawed they may be, with lots of heart. ☺

Until next time, and wishing you a day filled with heart and meaning,


Sunday, November 02, 2008


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