Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Tis the Season

‘Twas a week before Christmas, and all through the house…

Yes, I’m late. It can’t be helped. This past week has been loaded with things to do. Sunday was writers' group holiday party, Tuesday was critique group, Wednesday was Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert, Thursday was last chance to get titles for September book ready to send, Friday (last night) was oldest granddaughter’s performance in local ice show (she's the wooden soldier, below), and added to all of it is a January 3 deadline on that same September book, the sixth set in Desperation, Oklahoma. I am running behind. And now we’re down to that very last week before Christmas, and I’m hoping it at least begins to calm down.

I actually did sit down on Thursday and try to write this blog post. As you can see, that didn’t happen. Daytimes are filled with a 3-year-old grandson and his 1-year-old sister. It’s amazing how much time they consume. Type a few words, then run and find out why Payton is screaming, only to find that Jaxon took the book she was looking at or wouldn’t let her on the sofa or… Choose something, anything that can be used for torture.

But I do have my shopping done, which is a miracle. Well, all but three gift cards for three daughters and hungry sons-in-law, and I’ll pick them up Monday. Nothing is wrapped, but I did buy wrapping paper and ribbon! The tree is decorated…several times, since Jaxon and Payton seem to think everything needs to be moved around on it at least a dozen times each day. School will be out for the other three grands starting Wednesday, and guess whose house they’ll be at on weekdays for the duration of the holidays? And that deadline still looms.

So forgive me for being late today, but now that you’ve reached the end, be sure to take with you...

Merry Wishes and Blessings for this Wonderful Holiday Season!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy holidays!

Christmas is right around the corner and New Year’s just down the road. Hard to believe the year is almost over, isn’t it?

I hope 2011 brings you all the good fortune you can handle—and then some.

I’d like to take this post to say thanks to my fellow Harlequin American Romance authors here at the blog and to all the readers who have stopped by to chat and swap stories.

I'd also like to say how thankful I am for my own good fortune. With FAMILY MATTERS out just this past October, 2010 has been a wonderful year for me. The book garnered some great reviews and an award nomination. Even better, it has reached new readers who have written to me to say hello.

With A RANCHER’S PRIDE due out in May 2011, I’m looking forward to fabulous times ahead, too.

Hope to "see" you again soon. Meanwhile...

Best wishes for
a wonderful holiday season


a happy and healthy new year!

As always,

All my best to you,



Barbara White Daille

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old West Christmas Dinner

Thanks to the North Pole West, I thought it would be fun to share a few Wild West Christmas Dinner Menus. Show these to your guests and they won't complain about the food at your table!

Christmas Dinner Menu Camp Desolation,1848
Recorded by Thomas E. Breckenridge, member of Colonel John Fremonts 4th expedition west.

Fried Mule Mule Chops Boiled Mule Stewed Mule Scrambled Mule
Shirred Mule French Fried Mule Minced Mule
Damned Mule Mule on Toast(without toast)
Short ribs of Mule with Apple Sauce (without Apple Sauce)
Beverages: Snow Water
"It really makes no difference how our meat was cooked. It was still the same old mule".

Booth Family Christmas Dinner, Four Mile House, Denver, Colorado 1883

Stewed Oysters Boned Turkey Stuffed Ham
Mashed Potatoes Candied Sweet Potatoes
Fried Celery Turnips Beets
Gelatin with Fruit Nuts Plum Pudding
Baked Lemon Pudding Fruit Cake with candied oranges

Christmas Dinner Fort Custer, Montana
Troop G 1st US Cavalry 1889

Oyster Soup Macaroni Soup
Lobster Salad Franch Slaw Shrimp salad
Vegtables Roasted Potatoes Steamed Tomatoes
Chow Chow French Mustard Worchester Sauce Pickled Cucumbers
Pickled Onions Broiled Prairie Chicken Roast Porterhouse Beef, natural sauce
Venison, applesauce Pig Turkey w/cranberry sauce Oyster Dressing
Mince Pie Cranberry Pie Apple Pie
Preserved Peaches Preserved Pears Apples Raisens Nuts
Tea Coffee Chocolate

Christmas Dinner Fort Conger, Artic Circle
Greeley Expedition 1881

Mock Turtle Soup
Potatoes Green Corn Green Peas Asparagas
Roast Beef Fricassed Guillemot
Spiced Musk Ox Tongue Tenderloin of Musk Ox
Crab Salad
Ice Cream Grapes Cherries Pine-apples Coconut Pie Plum Pudding, wine sauce
Dates Figs Nuts
Candies Chocolate
Coffee Eggnogg

Wherever and however you celebrate this Holiday Season remember it's not the food that matters but the people--friends, family, neighbors--that you celebrate with!
Happy Holidays!

Roughneck Cowboy
*Men of the West* Feb 2011
The Bull Rider's Surrender *E-HQ Weekly Read* March 2011
Rodeo Daddy *Rodeo Rebels* April 2011
The Bull Rider's Secret
*Rodeo Rebels*
July 2011

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love the holidays. No, really I do.

Or at least I’m trying to. Up until three years ago, my husband worked in retail. So from Thanksgiving until Christmas all he heard every day were Christmas songs. By the time he got home if I had Christmas music playing, he grimaced until I turned it off. He hated it. But he’s beginning to come around now that he’s in a different field. He even went shopping with me tonight. Not at a mall mind you, but shopping and that’s a big deal for him.

Funny thing is, I’m the one who hasn’t been in the Christmas spirit this year. Even with a brand new granddaughter, the holiday mood has escaped me. So back to my earlier comment, I’ve been playing lots of Christmas music to try to get in the spirit. At home and in the car. I took my mom and her sisters to a live Vocal Majority Christmas performance that was wonderful. We got into a discussion after Vocal Majority as to what the best Christmas song is. One started out with how O Holy Night makes her tear up. Her twin likes Silver Bells because it makes her smile. My mom chose White Christmas because it reminds her of WWII. I have quite a few favorites, but The Christmas Song is topping my list this year. You know, ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’. I’m also fond of Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow because of the romantic element.

So tell us what your favorites are and why. Do they remind you of a special person or Christmas memory?

If you have time, please stop by the Harlequin Community Open House tonight. The Harlequin American chat is from 7:00 – 8:00 EST. Hope to see you there.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can I please have an extension on my Christmas shopping/decorating deadline?

Poor Daisy looks frazzled, too!! LOL!!

So I've been writing and doing laundry and paying bills and have to confess, I forgot about Christmas. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday, but this year was a little rocky--long story. Hubby and I got home and collapsed. And apparently, stayed that way!! LOL!! Not only are there no presents under our tree, but no tree, let alone our usual two!! No Christmas village or giant Santa on the bar, guarding my favorite candy dish.

Yesterday, I shot into action by at least purchasing one gift. But then I got home from the ordeal and you guessed it--collapsed!! I didn't get Christmas cards written or gifts ordered for any of my long distance friends. I did manage a lovely pot of gumbo for dinner, but that was due to starvation!!

Today, I've really got to get with the holiday program. But then I also need to do my line edits. And wish my dad a happy birthday. And make sure everything's in order for our son's college transfer. And pay more bills. I'm ready to collapse, and I haven't even started!! LOL!!

I'm thinking what I need is a list--maybe several. One to manage everyday life and another for Christmas. Better yet, with all three kids home, I need to delegate. Like little elves, they can lug boxes up from the scary basement and run errands and if I really yell, get the gigantic pile of clothes a certain daughter left in the middle of the living room all hanging up and pretty in her room. Alas, she just crawled out of her cocoon to get ready for work. Rats, I lost an elf before hitting the starting line!!

Maybe instead of fretting about Christmas, I need to take a deep breath and be thankful all the kids are home and in full messing mode!! If we only have one tree, the world won't end. Maybe the true list I need to make is one listing all of our blessings. As for the rest, maybe Santa will bring me a holiday deadline extension. And if you're wondering about my elves, I just lost another one!! Don't you feel sorry for the only one left?!

All right, people, be honest, are you all ready for Christmas?