Thursday, October 25, 2012

Too tired to think of a title...

Oops.  I was offline for a few days and set my blog to automatically post on my date.  But I guess I hit the wrong button.  I must be more tired than I thought!  LOL  

Anyway, here's the post....

Lately, when it comes to rest and relaxation, I've had none.

Insomnia has hit.

Not a gentle tap nudging me away from the threshold of dreamland, but a fifty-pound anvil dropped from a great height and making sure I don't spend more than three straight hours in bed between nine p.m. and six a.m.  And usually, not more than two hours.

As a result, I'm snatching pockets of time during the day whenever possible to squeeze in a nap, but let me tell you, the pockets aren't very deep and neither is my sleep.

This deprivation has been going on for so long, my days and nights are getting mixed up.  Just like a baby.  And I'm EXHAUSTED!  Wah!

The list of remedies so far has included:  warm milk, warm baths, chamomile tea, crackers (carbs), sweets (sugar), and cheese (protein).  So far, my weight's gone up but my snooze time has not. 

Now, normally, this isn't something I'd complain about in public...  But it can't hurt to tell you, can it?  Maybe you've got the perfect cure to help me get some zzz's?

If so, pleazzzzzzzze share!

All my best to you,



August 2012
Barbara White Daille

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

North to Alaska

My husband and I went on our very first cruise this summer and from the moment we sailed out of Vancouver, we fell in love with cruising!

Juneau was our first stop. Here's a shot of the state capital building.

At Skagway we took the train to White Pass and I snapped this photo of an abandoned train trestle.

And in the afternoon I went on a horseback riding adventure. This is me on Liberty at the Dyea flats.

We had a perfect day in Glacier Bay...

...and then it was on to our last stop in Ketchican.

One evening I even got to be part of the entertainment as a participant in a game show. They were looking for people with "interesting or unusual occupations" and apparently I fit the bill.

You'll have to forgive the person who made the PowerPoint slide for not knowing how to spell Harlequin! The panel of three on-board celebrities was completely stumped until the moderator let the audience give them some clues. "She gets to work at home in her bunny slippers" and "think Fabio." LOL.

A week didn't seem long enough, and before I knew it I was back home and hard at work on my next book.

Happy reading!


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