Saturday, May 12, 2012

An RT Top Pick

A couple of weeks ago, when my good friend Elle Saint James returned from the awesome RT Convention, she brought with her several copies of RT Book Reviews.  Looking over this leading review source for all things romance, Elle and I oh’d and ah’d over her publisher’s full-page spread featuring a book in her latest series along with the writings of another good friend.  Then, we set the magazine aside and got to work.  She was writing the tenth book in a series.  I was working on a proposal for my next Harlequin American. 
At lunch that day, I picked up the May issue of RT Book Reviews again and flipped through it.  Hmmm, I noted.  Historical Reviews for June releases.  Then it hit me, this was the issue that would list my June release, Rodeo Daughter.  I paged to the Series Romance section and... I confess.  I squealed! 

Rodeo Daughter had received a coveted 4 1/2 star review!    

“Turn the page,” said Elle.  “See if it’s a Top Pick.” 

I did and it was!  Much shouting and jubilation followed!

“Readers better hold on to the tissue box during Duncan’s heart-wrenching look at modern custody issues,” wrote reviewer Pat Cooper.  The heroine of Rodeo Daughter, Amanda Markette, rode her way to a gold buckle in Las Vegas before walking away from the professional rodeo circuit to earn a degree in family law.  After spending years performing in one arena after another, Amanda longed to put down roots.  She swore that, if and when she ever married, home and family would be her number one priority.

 His career is lead prosecutor Mitch Goodwin’s number one priority.  He stands on the brink of achieving all he’s ever wanted when the DA plans to name Mitch as his successor.  But the last person Mitch expects to represent his ex-wife in a custody suit for his adorably head-strong daughter is none other than Amanda Markette, the girl he fell head-over-heels for one summer at rodeo camp.  When a playground mishap forces Mitch and Amanda to spend time together, they walk an ethical tightrope as old feelings come to the surface again.  

I hope you’ll take a chance on Rodeo Daughter when it hits store shelves in a few weeks.  If you do, I’d love to hear from you. 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Last year in Texas the severe drought killed a lot of tress and shrubs. In our yard we lost an oak tree, our magnolia, fig and peach tree and my gardenia bush. I loved that bush. It was at the corner of our house and when the bush was in bloom you could smell it. Lovely. I missed it this spring, so my husband and I decided to replant. Well, he does the work. I do the heavy thinking. Or maybe nagging. I wanted our fruit trees back and especially the gardenia bush.

The dead trees have been removed and new ones planted. The peach tree had several blooms which turned into tiny peaches. I was excited and then one morning we went out and all the peaches were on the ground, pecked and eaten by birds. Now we’re dealing with pesky birds. So far they haven’t bothered the figs and there are tons on the little tree. I think we need a scarecrow or something.  I can remember my mom tying aluminum pans to fruit trees so the birds wouldn’t bother them. They tingled in the wind and worked, so we may resort to tying pie pans on the tree. Do you have any ideas for keeping birds away?

Have you planted anything new this spring?

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Crochet Your Network

As y'all may have heard me mention, I'm teaching myself to crochet via internet videos.  So far, I've made a few baby blankets and a few dish clothes.  My sad attempt at a baby hat would have fit Barbie.  (Bet that had to do with that gauge thing the patterns keep harping about.  lol)  Here's a blanket that worked, made for my niece.

I've spent the past two weekends at romance writers' gatherings, first Chicago-North's Spring Fling Conference and this past Saturday at Memphis' River City Writers meeting.  Getting to know new people and making meaningful connections interests me more than selling books -- but Thank You to everyone who bought one.  :)  Hopefully, my stories will connect with you also.

Now my family is looking at our summer trip, and I'm searching out new locations to set books.  Because of friends and acquaintances, I have a network of people to ask.  My friend who's a math professor has been to Seattle, as well as some of her colleagues who I met at her birthday party.  One of our authors lives in British Columbia and was kind enough to send me some links, as well as an invitation to visit.  My friend in the St. Louis RWA (MORWA) who's been to Washington will be next on my list to ask, as well as our member who moved to Oregon.  Here's most of the MORWA bunch who attended RWA National's conference last year in New York City. These connections have become the network I rely on.

Just as I take a skein of yarn and connect it over and over into a single project, so I have also woven together friends from different areas and made my life richer and more interesting.  And I've done some of that via the web, lol, just as I'm learning to crochet. 

I met a friend on the blog here after she made a comment, connected with her in DC, and am always so pleased to visit with her on the internet. I hope to "connect" with more of you in the future. 

Megan Kelly