Sunday, November 07, 2010

When Am I??

I know--I'm only experiencing the end of daylight's saving time, not time travel. No big deal, right? However, I have been traveling, although just from the Midwest to the Eastern time zone. Still, it threw me off. For a week, I waited for my TV shows to come on...and waited. It's an hour later there and I have no problem staying up. It's just that I know Hawaii 5-0 starts at nine on Monday. When it wasn't on, I got a little panicky, until I realized the program on the TV wasn't replacing my show. I hadn't missed Steve McGarrett going swimming. :)

After six days, you would think I'd have adjusted, right? But my sister, convinced despite my arguments that daylight savings was last weekend, had changed the clocks without telling me. What a mess. Now I'm back home, but I returned on a Tuesday. All week, I've been asking what day it was. I'm just getting oriented, and guess what?: now it really is daylight savings. Sheesh. So fall back, everyone.
How long does it take for y'all to reorient yourselves after a trip or after a time change? Am I the only one crazily spinning?
By the way, it's three a.m. as I write this, and even the crickets aren't chirping this time of year. I feel very much like "the only one" awake.
Megan Kelly