Saturday, July 11, 2009

Household Cleaning Tip for Boats

For our readers out there who own a boat, you'll find Lisa Ruff's boat-cleaning tip helpful this summer--Happy Sailing!

An eco-friendly cleaning tip for people with boats:

Use baking soda, boiling water and vinegar to clean your sink drains. First close the sea-cock, then put 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the drain. Fill the drain pipe with boiling water to just below the "cross-hairs" of the drain. Let sit for ten minutes, then pour a cup of vinegar into the drain. When the acid contacts the base, there's lots of foaming action--it smells awful, but the fumes are non-toxic. After ten minutes, open the sea-cock and let it all drain away. Flush with clean water and you're done. Sweet-smelling again!

Lisa Ruff

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Conference, workshops and writing mini-series...

I’m busy getting ready for the Romance Writers of America National conference, too. I’m so excited to see my friends again, to attend informative workshops, to listen to fabulous speakers, and to cheer on our Harlequin American Rita finalists. My critique partner, Lindsey Brookes, is a double finalist in the Golden Heart awards. So I’m going to be cheering myself hoarse. I can’t wait. Fortunately the awards ceremony is after the workshop I’m presenting with Harlequin American senior editor Kathleen Scheibling. Our workshop is about writing mini-series within series romance. We’re going to discuss the when, how and why authors might want to write a series. I’m going to share some of my experiences, and Kathleen is going to share her wisdom and expertise. She’s going to be awesome! (Hopefully I don’t make too big a fool of myself with my nervous rambling. )

I’d also love to hear your comments about mini-series. What do you love about them? Do you have to buy every book in the series before you start reading them? Does anyone prefer stand-alone books that have no other related stories?

Thanks for your feedback!


PS: We’re also going to be celebrating Harlequin’s 60th Anniversary! I’m so proud to be writing for the publisher of the books I’ve loved reading for so many, many years!

Conference Jitters...

Like so many others I’m getting ready for the National Romance Writer’s of America conference in Washington, DC. Being a Rita finalist gives a whole new meaning to the word nervous. I’ve finally decide to just relax and enjoy this incredible moment in my life. I haven’t accomplished that, but I’m working on it.

It’s been easier the past few days because things have been hectic at my house. I’m working on line edits and trying to keep in mind all the things I need to pack for the conference while getting ready for a book signing on Saturday. My brain is on overload and it’s difficult not to get stressed out. When I feel stressed, I gazed out my window to the lake in our backyard. Something about water is very soothing to me, and I love watching the ducks and the geese. Some Canada geese have made the lake their home and the pictures are of babies born in April. They’re much bigger now, but still fun to watch.

This week I’ve looked out my window more than usual, but once I board that plane I’ll relax and enjoy myself in DC. Rita night will be nerve wrecking, but I plan to enjoy that, too, especially getting to meet Cindi and so many others. I love meeting old friends and making new ones. It’s going to be an exciting conference. I hope to meet some of you there.

Do you have any stress-relieving tricks? Please, please share. I haven’t been on a plane since writing Texas Heir. That will be nerve wrecking too, but I’ll just gaze out the window. And search for water.

Caitlyn’s Prize – July ‘09

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

1st Conference Presentation

I'm very excited to be presenting a workshop at RWA's National conference in Washington DC next week. And shaky-scared.

Like many writers, I'm a shy person, more comfortable with imaginary people than real ones. And it has little to do with being able to control everyone, as some might suspect. LOL Frankly, I'm much smarter, wittier, and more articulate if I get a "do-over."

What has this to do with public speaking, you ask? Well, it's "public speaking," one of the top fears of 90% of the population. Add in that the workshop will be recorded and you can start to understand my apprehension.

Fortunately, I'm presenting with a really good friend, Kimberly Killion (, whose historical, HER ONE DESIRE, is nominated for a RITA award. Not standing there alone is good. Our topic is "The Road So Far: The First Year After the Call," so I'm knowledgeable on the topic, which helps, too.

Does any of this erase my fear? No way. But it eases it some. Kim and I presented the talk to our local RWA chapter and were well-received. This will be the third time we've done the talk, and it gets better, more detailed, and more fun every time.

Not that I'm encouraging anyone to attend! LOL

Do you also fear public speaking? Does anyone have some tips to help me through this?

Megan Kelly

Monday, July 06, 2009

It's Author News Day!


The 2009 Rita Awards will be presented in Washington, DC on Saturday, July 18. We're thrilled that two American Romance authors are finalists in the contemporary series category:

THE RIGHT MR. WRONG (Februay 2008) by Cindi Meyers
TEXAS HEIR (September 2008) by Linda Warren
Linda Warren’s TEXAS HEIR(September, 2008) is a finalist in the BookBuyer's Best Contest short contemporary category, and ALWAYS A MOTHER (Superromance—June, 2008) is the sensual contemporary winner in the More Than Magic Contest.

Leigh Duncan is delighted to report that she is now represented by literary agent Helen Breitwieser of Cornerstone Literary.


Ann Roth’s July release, A FATHER FOR JESSE, is a Romantic Times Top Pick and received a four-and-a-half star review!

A single mom, a troubled boy and a man who doesn't want responsibility may sound like a tired plot for a romance, but Roth's wonderful tale is touching, romantic and timely. Emmy Logan isn't looking to add another man to her life when she moves her son, Jesse, from a gang-infested area to a quiet island. After a lifetime of caretaking, Mac Struthers is looking forward to his freedom. Although they try to fight it, their attraction sparks a steamy romance, but they could end up hurting the boy they both love if they're not careful.
Mark Your Calendar

July 14—Four wonderful new reads from Harlequin American Romance will be in stores. This month’s covers are posted in the sidebar.

July 15—Many of your favorite American Romance authors will take part in the 2009 Readers for Life Literacy Autographing 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Exhibit Hall, Washington DC. Sponsored by Romance Writers of America. Open to the public; no admittance charge.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Taking the day off

Because I posted a recipe yesterday and then enjoyed the day with family and friends, I decided to take today off.

I'll be back next month.

Thanks for your understanding,

Ann Roth
A Father for Jesse, a July 2009 RT Top Pick!
(and the fourth and final book of my Halo Island miniseries)