Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Hero

As I read through the previous posts before sitting down to write my own, I was most struck by Pam Stone’s post last week about Alpha-Males. Her heroes sound like mine—up to a point. I usually begin with an Alpha-male hero in my imagination: a handsome, take-charge kind of guy with glinting eyes and shoulders broad enough to support the world. That’s about as far as I get. Somewhere in the first draft, my hero rebels, insisting on doing what he wants. Instead of leading the charge, this hot hunk might step aside and let another character carry the flag. Not that he has any interest in following anyone. He rejects the Beta-male mold, too. He just merrily blazes his own trail.

He can be so aggravating! Usually, my heroine agrees with me. The guy is almost Alpha, but not quite.

I beg him to follow the rules that I, the writer, set down in my nice, neat outline. He gives me a seductive smile, a wink and then simply does what he wants. I have to confess that my heart melts at that point, no matter how stern and irritated I try to act. I have to chase him down the path he makes, just to see where he ends up. I am usually surprised and sometimes pleased by the twists and turns. He often chooses a stronger-minded, more determined woman than I had in mind for him. I’m sure his choice will end in failure, yet somehow he manages to find happy-ever-after-ness—though I might lend a hand in fixing his messes, if he asks for my help. Nicely.

In the end, my almost Alpha charms the heroine rather than, Alpha-style, bean her on the head with a club and drag her to his cave to prove his mastery. Of course, once he falls for the heroine, he will fight to the death to win and hold her. And threats to her will tip my Almost-Alpha over into full Alpha-mode in a heartbeat. He doesn’t go into battle for much, but his woman is the center of his universe.

So, I guess I have to give up the idea of my heroes conquering the world and sweeping my heroines up a grand staircase (kicking and screaming optional). My Almost-Alphas just aren’t the type.


Estella said...

I enjoy reading about your almost alphas!

Lisa Ruff said...

Stay tuned, there are more in the works . . .

penney said...

I also enjoying it too, Thanks

chey said...

I like that kind of hero! Seems more real.