Saturday, May 30, 2009

Craft Idea--Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes and cookie cakes are expensive, but our very own author Megan Kelly has a do-it-yourself cake idea that will save you lots of money and look just as cute as the bakery-made ones. And the kids will love it!

Here's an easy fix for a little reptile-lover's birthday party.

Make two bundt cakes in the child's favorite flavor. After they cool, put them on a cutting surface and cut in half (from top to bottom). Set them on a long foil covered platform (I use a cut cardboard box.) Instead of it making a circle, turn one piece around so the cake forms a backward "s." The curve around the other two pieces. You can carve one end to a point for the tail and smooth the edges off the other for a face. Frost in your chosen color (chocolate is fine, but green and/or other colors are fun too). If you use white icing, save some for the eyes or use your green. Snake eyes have "evil" slits, but you can make them round with black centers for a younger child. A piece of red or black licorice can hang out the front for a tongue; be sure to cut the end in the middle and split it in two points--if you use a flat fruit snack, you can cut it so it looks like it's forked. The ridges of the bundt cake look like scales.
I don't have a picture of mine, but here's a link with some ideas:

Have fun, Megan Kelly


Leigh Duncan said...

Way cool, Megan! And the photos on the cake decorating site are terrific.

chey said...

What a good idea!

penney said...

How neat! Thank you my girls will love a cake like these since they have a pet snake each! Thank you

squiresj said...

What a real easy cake for an adult. Make a double layer cake (my oldest likes German Chocolate). Bake it as on box. Let it cool. Put cool whip on bottom layer and add some cherry pie filling (or can use strawberries). Put other layer on top. Ice the whole cake with Cool Whip and add cherry pie filling (or strawberries) around and on top of cake. This looks in moisture and is an excellent cake.
My oldest daughter created this for her birthday.
jrs362 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Megan Kelly said...

Thanks, Leigh. I hate to say I'm not good at keeping my pix organized, so I was glad to find a site to fill in for me.
Hi, Chey and Penney. The snake cake is a really easy one. We have a Cake Walk (like musical chairs without chairs)during Spring Fling at my kids' school. This cake is always a favorite.

Megan Kelly said...

Squiresj, Yummy suggestion. My family's fond of cherries and Cool Whip! I've never made a traditional Black Forest cake, so this sounds like a good alternative.