Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lost moments

I'm positive this has happened to almost everyone. All of a sudden it's five o'clock and your day is over. Where did the time go? My theory is that it fell into an abyss called "lost moments."

But is it a lost moment when you cuddle your child/grandchild in the big easy chair, or walk the dog on a misty morning, or spend a rainy afternoon reading a book, or have lunch with a friend? Are you kidding? These are the snapshots in time that create memories. It's what makes each of unique and special.

So tomorrow make sure you have a few lost moments. It's the best way I know of to put a smile on your face.

Ann DeFee
Summer After Summer - Harlequin Everlasting Love - September 2007
The Perfect Tree - Harlequin American Romance Christmas Anthology - November 2007
Goin' Down to Georgia - Harlequin American Romance - March 2008


Betty said...

I could not think this lost moments you are talking about LOL..well you are right where is the time goes... when I had my first born Benjamin, I can watch him for hours and do nothing. It seemed that it is not enough and when I look at the clock, its time to cook dinner or do some chores at home that needs to get it done before sunset.

Estella said...

I seems I just get up and then it is dinner time-----where does the time go?

Ellen said...

I have a lot of lost time when I am buried in a book. In fact if there is someone around and they want to speak to me they have to get my attention first. This use to drive my parents mad.