Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

First off--MAJOR apologies for missing last month!! I've taken a full time, elementary Special Ed teaching position, and that, combined with writing, three teens, a hubby and too many pets is kicking my booty big time!!

Tonight is Homecoming for the kids' school, so I'm finishing up a book due in the morning, then heading out to the big game. We usually lose, but always have fun. Daughter's cheer squad is great this year, so we like being there for every cheer and stunt. Daughter was nominated for Homecoming Court, but didn't get picked. I think fourteen girls were nominated out of a class of over five hundred. Two were selected, so we were pretty proud that she was even nominated!!

Son #2 just had his Sweet Sixteen!! We got him a Mustang, but it's a stick shift, and he learned to drive on my automatic. He's slowly getting better at driving his car, but it's always an exciting ride!!

All right, I've got to get back to work before I miss kick-off, but I did want to stop in to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!!!

P.S. Since I can't find any football pics, here's one of Hubby and Daughter at a Three Days Grace/Puddle of Mudd/Breaking Benjamin concert we went to this summer! It stormed soooooo bad!!


Marin Thomas said...

Laura Marie

Congrats on the teaching position! And congrats to your daughter for being one of 14 nominated for Homecoming--how exciting! I think it's homecoming around the country.Our high school is celebrating all next week...building floats, parade downtown and all the other hoopla...fall has definitely arrived :-)

For The children Oct 07

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on take on the elementary Special Ed teaching position. It's a hard job and sometimes frustrating job. I never taught elememtary or full time Special Ed but I was a high school teacher and had special ed students in my classes. I admire anyone who teaches full time in special ed.

Estella said...

You are one brave lady to do anything with elementary school children!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Hey Marin! Happy Homecoming to you, too!! Sounds like your school makes a bigger deal of it than ours. We don't have a parade. :-(

Estella, Anon & Marin--Thanks for the congrats!! Every day's an adventure!! My first day, a girl came up to give me a hug, then mid-hug tore out a chunk of my hair and ate it!!!!! All the other teachers said that was my initiation!!