Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today's my day to blog, so I thought I'd blog about blogs and sound a little like Andy Rooney. Right now I'm administering the PLAN test to my sophomore homeroom and have 25 minutes before the kids finish the science section.

I've discovered that I like blogs. I don't read too many, but I drop by this one daily to see what my author colleagues are up to. I love hearing about books and other such stuff. I'm not one of those who reads news blogs or anything. I just go to CNN.

I do drop by my agent's blog maybe once every two days because I usually learn something there. I have a blog where I post my assignments and what we did in class that day. It's not very exciting, but this way the kids can check from home. That's at if you're so inclined. My personal blog is an announcement type of blog where I post things like new covers and such. Haven't been there lately, but my new American cover for December is up at Oh, let's save you the trouble. I'll put it here:

BTW, he looks a little like one of the principals at my school. Randy's thrilled.

I drop by Romacing the Blog maybe once every ten days. I used to read it daily, but I'm running out of time in a day to get much done. The funny thing is, we can't live without blogs. We get our news and information from them, which is awesome since many times it's coming straight from the primary source. I've discovered though that I'm not an interactive blogger. I don't comment back or chit chat much. My day starts at 5:15 AM and ends at 10:30 and there are days my home computer doesn't even get booted up or turned on. I'm burning the candle at both ends and am more excited to be a part of group blogs than to have to try and do my own. Most people are more interesting than me anyway.

On that note, I wanted to thank you all for being here. We're still experiencing technical difficulties with the covers in the sidebar, but I can't thank you enough for spending part of your day with us. I know how valuable your time is--we need 25 hours in a day, don't we? At least for more sleep?



Laura said...

Speaking as someone who's new to following this blog, let me just say how much I appreciate you taking the time out to write here. It's not only entertaining, but endlessly informative. Thanks!

bettye griffin said...

I, too, enjoy reading blogs, and I invite you to stop in at mine!

I find that the key is to devote no more than 20 minutes a day to reading blog entries. I do everything faster when I impose a time limit on it.

Happy blog reading!

ABamaBecky said...

This is only 1 of 2 blogs that I visit regularly and leave comments. I find that I don't always leave a comment (I haven't posted here in a couple of weeks) but I do like to read the blogs daily. We definitely need more hours in a day. Or better yet, a clone to take care of all of the mundane and leave the fun stuff to us!! LOL

Estella said...

I go to a number of blogs daily. I don't post on every one I go to. But love seeing what everyone is blogging about. It is very time consuming.

Christa said...

I try to get to most of the blogs I visit daily or every two days sometimes I slack and life gets in the way and I may not visit for a week or more

Heather MacAllister said...

What a pretty cover!

Mrs. Rant said...

More than 25, I'd say but an extra hour in the morning WOULD be nice

Marianne Arkins said...

Despite my un-freakin' believeably busy life, I can't manage without at least a little bloghopping. Thank heavens for Google reader, so I can get them all in one place!

And, if I find that store where you can buy extra hours for your day, I'll let you know. Unless, of course, I buy their entire stock!!