Sunday, September 09, 2007

What Makes Your Hair Stand On End?

Yesterday was my Blog day and I missed it. I’m sorry. I have a great excuse, though. I had a booksigning for my Sep Super Romance, Adopted Son, and the signing was set to start at 10 a.m. Why I thought I could get up at six, have breakfast, post a Blog, get dressed and make it to the bookstore by 9:45, I’ll never know. It’s not like I’m organized and speedy.

It sounded simple and doable to me the night before. But I must have slept in a strange position because my hair was sticking out on one side and as much as I combed and brushed it, it still sprang out in full salute mode. Twenty minutes and a half a can of hairspray later, the bed head was looking better, but I still had to get dressed. Then a button was missing off my blouse—disappeared without a trace. So it was a quick change of wardrobe choice. By now I was ready to just go back to bed.

I didn’t. I made it to the signing on time. Did I mention why I was having the signing so early? I live in Texas where football is King. Texas A&M was playing (we live in College Station) and the game was televised. So I knew people here would be going to the game and others would be watching it on TV. The early time was the only solution. I had my doubts about anyone showing up, but I had a great turn out. I sold some books so I was really happy.

When I got home, I looked in the mirror and gasped. My hair was sticking out on the right side. At some point during the signing my hair sprang to attention. No one seemed to notice this. No one said anything.

In bed last night I could almost hear people saying, “Linda forgot to comb her hair”, or “Linda looked like she'd had a bad night”. Oh, the little things women worry about. Today my hair is flat again. Go figure. Wonder if stress can make your hair stand on end?

Adopted Son – Sep Super Romance


catslady said...

It's like looking in the mirror and seeing spinach in your teeth. If I know the person I try to tell them but I'm not brave enough to tell a stranger (although I would want them to tell me lol).

Estella said...

Stranger things have happened than stress making your hair stand on end.

Marianne Arkins said...

Urgh... Poor you! You're sure to end up on YouTube **G**.

Linda Warren said...

I know. Its just like spinach in the teeth. And no one wanted to tell me. Ye, gads. But to tell you the truth--if someone had told me, I'm not sure what I would have done. Kept on signing books I'm sure. That's what I was there for and maybe joked about my new hair style.

Linda Warren said...

You're absolutely right. Mine was just vanity. There are much worse things. And I prefer not to become acquainted with them any time soon.
Have a good day.

Linda Warren said...

Now there's a nightmare. Our lives are not private anymore.
The hair thing didn't bother me that much. I sold books and was smiling. That was the main thing.
The hair was just an annoyance I didn't need.
But that's life, right?
At least I'm telling myself that today.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ugh! Why don't people tell us stuff like that? This is information we women need to know when we're out in public! LOL!

CrystalG said...

People won't tell you something is going on with your appearance. I think they are uncomfortable doing that.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Jennifer,
Yes it is. But now I'm glad no one told me. I would have been in a panic worrying about it.
I'm smiling about it today. It will be a book signing I will always remember.
Enjoy the day. It's rather mucky here in Texas.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Crystalg,
You're absolutely right. No one is comfortable doing that unless it's your mother.
My mother would have been spitting on her fingers trying to slick it down right there in front of everyone. Gotta love mothers.
Thanks for the memory.

Nathalie said...

Your mother is nice... however I would have been a bit embarrassed