Sunday, September 09, 2007

Italy here I come!

Hi, this is Kara, and today my guest blogger is Ann Roth! Here's Ann.

* * *

As you read this, I am in Florence, Italy. We are traveling around parts of this beautiful and wonderful country for 18 whole days. Our plans include visits to Assisi Luca, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Matera and Rome (with some side trips tossed in). For four of those fabulous days we'll be in Matera at the Women's Fiction Festival. (For more info on the festival, visit I'm lucky to be presenting a workshop there about developing memorable characters. I'll also get to meet lots of the Harlequin folks from the European side of the business.

Because of the trip I won't be posting on the 26th, my usual date.(And I won't be able to respond to comments posted on this blog.) But when I post in early October, I'll share some of the highlights of our trip.
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