Thursday, September 06, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Hi guys,
Get ready, because I need to vent. It won't be that bad - I promise. The past 18 months have been mind numbingly, toe tinglingly (is that a word?) hectic. What have I been doing? With 4 books out in 2007, I've been immersed in writing said books plus revising, revising, and revising those exact same books. Then you add all the PR, yada, yada, yada to that, and you come up with more than full time job. My husband says it's a good problem, and I absolutely, totally and unequivocally agree.

Now I'll get to my venting. I recently had lunch with a friend who asked how my little - drum roll please - hobby was going. HOBBY, HOBBY! Is it normal to ask a CPA how their little accounting hobby is going? Of course not. Rodney Daingerfield - you ain't got nothing on us!

Whew - I feel much better already. So off I go to work on my hobby and do the line edits for my March 2008 book.

And now for a shameless plug -
Summer After Summer - Everlasting Love - September 2007
The Perfect Tree - American Romance Christmas anthology - November 2007
Goin' Down to Georgia - American Romance - March 2008

Have a great day -
Ann DeFee


Estella said...

Am looking forward to your new releases!

Judy T said...

Me too, Estella! I really enjoyed Georgia On His Mind.

Great vent. It sounds like something my mother would have said. Sadly, they never really do quite "get it."

Keep writing!

catslady said...

You said she was a "friend"...hmmm
I'm thinking not such a great one. She's probably jealous of your success :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Hobby?? Ouch.

Christa said...

So do you have any other "hobbies" LOL

bettye griffin said...

Writing is hard work. But because you're in "the arts," people do tend to think it's so simple, just sitting around making up stories all day.

I'm often more tired after a day spent writing than I would have been if I'd gone to work!

Bettye Griffin

Nathalie said...

4 books in a year... that is really good and must be tiring... I am waiting for the new releases.

Marianne Arkins said...

My DH asks me why I spend all day in front of the computer -- after all, I'm home, it's a gorgeous day... why don't I go play?

In the next breath, he'll say, "Book done yet?"