Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bargains galore

The holiday season is upon us. This year, things are tough. Businesses are shaky, and many are out of work. However, all is not bad. For the first time in ages, inflation is nonexistent. In fact, we’re experiencing deflation. That means that a dollar today stretches farther than a dollar last year.

People aren’t shopping as much, and worried merchants are offering all kinds of bargains to entice buyers. One of my favorites is free shipping from online retailers. I often shop online, sending gifts to loved ones directly via the Internet. In the past I could count on shipping fees that totaled as much as 20 percent of the cost of the gift. (Outrageous, but they had me coming and going!) This year, no one is charging for shipping. Gotta love that.

What are some of the great bargains you’ve come across?

Best wishes for a warm, safe and healthy holiday season,


Leigh Duncan said...

Oh my goodness, Ann. How I wish there were elves who would handle all the present buying and shipping for me! Sounds like I'd better check out those on-line retailers.

Ann Roth said...

Leigh- Enjoy!

Linda Henderson said...

I think the best bargains I have found so far have been a hot wheels set that is usually almost thirty dollars and I got it for eleven and some Transformers that I picked up for ten dollars apiece and they are usually almost twenty. As you can tell I'm shopping for a 6 year old grandson with these.

Lois said...

I'm particularly fond of's free shipping over $25. . . because, really, how many of us as a rule just leave a store or site with just one book? Maybe once in a blue moon, but I bet most of the time not. . . so it's quite easy to hit that $25 price tag. :)


Anonymous said...

Old Navy had $1.00 scarfs. I love the free shipping that I've been getting online too!

Marcie said...

I bought a digital camera 'bundle' pack - for an extra 20 bucks I got a camera bag, memory card, and battery along with the camera. I think bought separately I was looking at $50 more.
I did get a DVD boxed set of an old TV show from Amazon. My first online holiday purchase ever! It was cheaper than B&N and Borders.

I still think retailers raise the prices and then say they are 50% off when they really aren't.

Gillian Layne said...

We bought our daughter an IPod and it came with a 50 dollar itunes card for free--and the ipod was on sale as well. So that was good.

I think Land's End is always a bargain, because they are shipping for free and they always--no matter what--take back clothes, coats, etc if anything ever rips or goes bad.

Ann Roth said...

Linda- Good tip on the transformers and hot wheels!

Lois- Who knows, Amazon might even lower that during the holiday season...

Angela- Scarves for $1?! That's a real deal.

Marcie- Great to know.
Gillian- We love Lands End, too, and I believe they're waiving shipping costs for a limited time.

Thanks for sharing such incredible bargains!!