Monday, December 07, 2009

Warm Family Time by Megan

This week, my husband's family convened for an important event. It was the first time all the siblings had been together with their mom in several years. Spread across the country, they find it hard to get "home" at the same time.

Family time filled with warmth, laughter, reminiscences, and of course, food. Old tales were retold and enjoyed as though it were the first time anyone heard them. The "kids" completed one another's stories and sentences. New stories of children and grandchildren were passed around with photographs to keep everyone up to date.

I soaked it all in, reminded how wonderful a big family can be, and how dear to me these people are who welcomed me into their family and made me one of theirs.

This family feelings is the essence of Harlequin American Romance and perhaps why I love to write for this line. The warmth, love, laughter, and support of family members are things we can understand and enjoy.

These are the things I wish for you as the December holdiays approach: love, laughter, and support for hard times. A family, whether born into, married into, or made of friends.

Megan Kelly


shelley galloway said...

Hi Megan,

My husband is one of five kids. They aren't able to get together very often either. But when they do, look out! They're a wonderful, loud, crazy bunch!

How many brothers and sisters does your husband have?

Laura Bradford said...

Very nice, Megan. Thanks for sharing that!

Linda Warren said...

How wonderful. I have three brothers and with kids and grandkids its a big gathering. It's fun seeing everyone and catching up.

And, yes, this is what Harlequin American is all about. Home and family.

Estella said...

Thanks for sharing Megan!

Megan Kelly said...

Shelley, my husband and I both have four siblings. Three brothers and one sister each.

Linda Henderson said...

There's nothing like a big family get-together. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Nicole S said...

I just wanted to say what a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

CC Coburn said...

I agree Nicole, that was a beautiful post by Megan. Home, hearth and family is what I love writing and reading about too!