Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm a sucker for all cutsie Christmas crafts and this Santa is adorable!! I found this project at, but a fun variation would be to make three wise men. I would think the same basic instructions would work, only switch up the heads!!

What you'll need:
1 potato chip canister
2 sheets red felt
1 sheet white felt
1 sheet black felt
1 sheet peach felt
Cotton balls
1 large white pom pom
1 jumbo craft stick
1 glittery silver chenille stem
2 medium wiggle eyes
1 small pink pom pom
White craft glue or hot glue gun

How to make it:
  1. Print out patterns.
  2. Cover the top half of the potato chip can with peach felt.
  3. Cut the jumbo craft stick in half.
  4. Poke a hole in each side of the potato chip can; this is where the arms will go.
  5. Wrap red felt around the can, line up with the bottom of the can and trim so that it overlaps the peach felt. Do not glue to the can just yet.
  6. Hold the felt in place and use a black marker to mark a dot on the red felt where the holes in the can are. Remove the felt and cut a small slit where each marker dot is; this is where the arms will slide in.
  7. Glue the red felt in place, making sure that the slits line up with the holes in the can.
  8. Cut the jacket trim from the white felt using the patterns. Glue the center trim piece on to the red felt, starting from the top of the red felt. Glue the bottom jacket trim around the can, covering the center jacket trim at the bottom.
  9. Cut the arms of the jacket from the red and white felt using the patterns. Lay the white arm trim down first, the red felt on top of that overlapping the white. Lay the craft stick on top of both, the rounded end should be sticking out about 1” from the white cuff. The flat (cut) end of the craft stick should also be sticking out about ¼”, just enough to insert into the can. If it is not, trim the felt to allow some of the stick to show. Fold the felt around the stick to create the sleeve and glue in place. Repeat for the other arm.
  10. Cut the belt and boots from the black felt using the pattern. Glue the belt around the can, about ¾” above the bottom white trim. Glue the boots to the bottom of the can.
  11. Bend the silver chenille stem into a buckle, trim where needed. Glue onto the belt.
  12. Insert the arms into the slits/holes in the side of the can. Glue to secure.
  13. Glue a sheet of red felt around the top of the can, just at the rim. This will be the hat. For now, just glue the felt around the rim and continue to the next step.
    Starting at the back, glue cotton balls in place for hair and beard. Use the photo as a guide.
  14. Gather the felt of the hat and tuck in and glue as you go to create the cap shape. Bend the cap downward and tack to the side to keep it down (if needed) using glue. Glue white pom pom to the end of the hat.
  15. Glue on wiggle eyes and pink pom pom for nose.

**For the example, a cylinder chip can was used, but you can use any type of cylinder for this project. Try coffee creamer containers, juice cans or even an empty salt container.
**To jazz up this cute Santa, use white glitter felt for the cuffs and jacket trim instead of plain white felt.

Happy crafting!! ;-)


Leigh Duncan said...

Laura, that Santa looks adorable & the directions sound simple enough that even I, of the ten thumbs, could make it.

Linda Henderson said...

What a cute craft idea. I will have to share this with my daughter.

Nicole S said...

Too Cute! Thanks for sharing it!