Sunday, November 08, 2009


In September I blogged about the drought in Texas. It hadn’t rained in months and things were looking bleak. The rain started in early October and shows no signs of stopping. No one is complaining. Yet. But give us time. Texans love to complain about the weather.
Below is a picture of the lake in our backyard when it was so dry.
On the right is what it looks like now. A big difference.
As I’m typing this it’s drizzling. I can hear the gentle tap-tapping on my window. The wind’s blowing from the north, slapping the rain at times against the window. By morning the temperature should be in the forties. Fall has arrived and winter is not-so-patiently nipping at its heels.

The soft cadence of the rain reminds me of my husband’s dad and stepmom. They grew up with tin roofs on their homes and loved the rhythmic sound of the rain hitting it. Years later and living in their own home they said how much they missed that sound when it rained. When our stepmom was dying of cancer, my father-in-law would turn a washtub upside down near her window and turn on a water sprinkler. That soothing tap-tapping lulled her to sleep. I always thought that was true love.
My muse loves this weather and my creative juices get recharged. I can write, write, write and get totally lost in the story and my characters. I’m working on a Christmas story so this is perfect weather to weave some magic. I could use some snow, but that rarely happens in Texas.
This is perfect weather for reading, too. Curling up with a good Harlequin book is my favorite pastime. Since I’ve been published I don’t get to do much of that, so it’s really a treat when I can.

Do you have a favorite time to write? Or read? Do you have a favorite sound that’s comforting?
Happy Holidays.
Linda Warren
Madison’s Children – SuperRomance Oct ‘09
P..S. I wrote this blog earlier in the week. Today it’s sunny and bright, but the mood here is sad. My heart and prayers go out to the soldiers and their families at Fort Hood, and to all the soldiers and their families around the world.


Marcie said...

My thoughts go out to those families too.
What a big difference in the lake! I love the sound of a light rain - it is very soothing and relaxing. I also like birds chirping in the morning. They make me smile. What your father-in-law did - definitely true love.
Fave time to write - evening.
Fave time to read - all the time! But I like to have lunch in my car at work and read. Relaxes from the stress.

Linda Henderson said...

I love to read anytime and anywhere. But I do like to curl up in my chair with something hot to drink and a nice candle burning and a good book in my hand. I like to listen to rain too, as long as it's not storming with it. My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in that situation.

PamStone said...

Love the father-in-law story. Guess it gives hope after what happened in Killeen this week. Especially given that my son and daughter-in-law were stationed there a few years ago. Close to home.

Sounds, wow, love sounds. Rain is certainly a biggy for me. The early morning sound of a boat headed out across a calm lake brings back memories of camping when I was young and waking up to those early morning fishermen. Kids laughter when they get so tickled they almost lose their breath.

But the most soothing for me is the endless sound of surf rolling into shore and seagulls squawking. Mesmerizing.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Marcie,
Everyone is still reeling here and trying to come to grips with what happened. Our nephew is stationed there. He returned from a tour in Iraq about five months ago so we felt in wasn't in that area. But things were tense at our house until he called his mother to let her know he was okay. But he was in lock down and wouldn't be able to get out for a while. Our family was very relieved, but sadden for the other families.

I love the birds chirping, too. I'd forgotten that. In early spring there seems to be more chirping. LOL

I can read just about anywhere,and you're right it does relieve stress to get lost in someone else's life and problems. And there's always a happy ending. Yay!!


Linda Warren said...

Hi Linda,
I can't relax either when it's storming outside and the wind is threatening to take the roof off the house. But a soft rain is soothing.

Thanks for the prayers. Central Texas is having a lot of candlelight vigils. Everyone wants to do something. And those who can are donating blood. The response has been amazing.


Linda Warren said...

Hi Pam,
Yes, it's too close to home. And frightening. As I told Marcie, our neophew is stationed there and we're very relieved he's okay. But so many others are not. Just sad.

I wish we all could experience my f-i-l's kind of love. We really need it.

I love the sound of the surf. We used to go to the Gulf Coast a lot and I loved to sit and read to the sound. Very relaxing.


nicolerko said...

I remember seeing that picture of the lake, wow what a big difference now. We love to complain about the weather here too. We complain it's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. No one is ever happy with the weather that they ask for lol.

My favorite time to read is anytime. Doesn't matter to me what time it is I'll read. When I can't sleep at night I get out my book and read for bit.

Comforting sounds for me are rain hitting the house and my cat's purring.

Linda Warren said...

We're never happy, are we? LOL

I can read anywhere, too. And I absolutely love the rain sound. Wish it was raining now.