Saturday, November 14, 2009

Burning Cars & Just-right Cupcakes

Ever have so much to do that you pretty much end up doing nothing? I'm afraid that's where today is heading--straight back to bed!!! LOL!!! Daughter Hannah has all sorts of college scholarship paperwork due by the 16th, I've got line edits due the 16th, bills need paying, the house is filthy (even by my lackluster standards), prescriptions need to be picked up, bank deposit dropped off, laundry needs tackling . . . See? I'm exhausted just thinking about doing any of it!! (This month's pic features me at a local booksigning. Keep reading for details.)

Part of my exhaustion stems from an equally nutty week. Garbage disposal is broken. It's snowing in the freezer. Downstairs plumbing is needing attention. Roof is still leaking. Sons' cars went to the shop. One we fixed for $500. The other got put out to that great junkyard pasture just north of the Tulsa airport. That call was awful. Made even worse by the mechanic stating the reason the motor fried is that it hadn't seen oil in MONTHS!!!

Breathe, Laura . . .

In happier news, on Thursday, I got to meet up with old friends and make new ones at a library function held in Tulsa. After a panel discussion and booksigning, we were treated to yummy lunch. Having just heard the fabulous car news, I aimed for the brownie tray. I needed chocolate therapy STAT!!!

Speaking of therapy . . . Hannah and I discovered the BEST new place for naughty girl fun called Kupcakz. I'm not sure if this is a national chain--if not, sorry. The frosting is like some crazy, sin-filled, rapturous creamy goodness that's like no frosting I've ever had. I noticed last time we snuck in (we don't tell the boys we're going!! LOL!!) that you can even order frosting shots!! I promise next week to get back on my diet, but this week it just wasn't happening!!

It's new contract time again, so I'm also having guilty, sinful pleasure inventing my new Harlequin American series!! My working title is Buckhorn Ranch and the stories center around three Oklahoma cowhunks (as I like to call them) and their cowgirl sister. Now, mind you, these stories could never see the light of day, but for now, me and Cowboy Cash are having wicked good fun!!

Have an awesome weekend!! ;-)


PamStone said...

Hey Laura, sounds like your life is about as nuts as mine. Hang in there. Writer is certainly cheaper than a therapist and loads more fun.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Pam, that's awesome wisdom!! Thanks!! ;-)

Nicole S said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on!

Never heard of Kupcakz.

I'm hoping they get to see the light of day because they sound like my kind of stories! Cowboys are number one on my list!

Linda Henderson said...

Hope things get better soon. The cupcakes sound divine.