Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Launch Day to Me!

Or—The strange and wonderful feeling of being a debut novelist.

It’s been quite a year (and a bit) since I got The Call in person at the RWA conference in San Francisco. Although I was overjoyed that a twenty year undertaking had finally been realized, in some ways it didn’t feel quite “real”.
It started to get real around the time that my debut novel, “Colorado Christmas” was listed on Amazon. Up until then, I couldn’t help thinking it could all fall in a heap. Not that I didn’t have confidence in Harlequin or my wonderful editor, Paula Eykelhof, or even the belief in the evidence of my advance check – it was just that somehow, until that concrete proof that my book was actually in production and people could order it—it was still all a little surreal. Like I might wake up and find it was all a dream.
Maybe it was the 20 long years it took to get The Call that had me feeling jittery?
Well now I’m feeling jittery in a different way because today is the official launch day for my book!
I’m jittery about whether people will enjoy it and want to read more of the O’Malley Men and subsequent books of mine. A Top Pick review from Romantic Times had my head swollen bigger than a watermelon, but how am I going to feel when I get my first negative review?
So far I’ve had some lovely fan letters from readers. And even my husband liked it: “Apart from spoiling it with all that mushy stuff”. Any wonder I write romance? (grin)
Still, he did love Louella (the very naughty pig) and asked if she’d be returning in any other stories. Well… no… she wasn’t but then I ran it by my editor and she thought Louella deserved an encore performance. So Louella is back in book #2 of The O’Malley Men series, “The Sheriff and the Baby”.
It’s interesting hearing from readers what they liked about the book, each one so far has remarked on something different which surprized me. Some enjoyed the light-hearted moments, others the romance, or the quirky characters and yet others remarked on impact of the… well, I can’t tell you about that because it would be giving away the ending! So you’re just going to have to read the book and tell me your favourite part of “Colorado Christmas”.
I’ll choose my favourite comment and give away a copy to the winner in my December 10 blog. Since you might already have read “Colorado Christmas”, I’ll autograph the winning copy to whomever you wish to give it as a Christmas present. A perfect Colorado Christmas gift!
Till next month - happy reading everyone!


Louise Reynolds said...

CC, enjoy every moment of this great day. Your book is fabulous - witty and poignant with a hero to die for. Add a rich cast of characters including one very funny pig, and it's a winner. Enjoy the release and congratulations!

Cathleen Ross said...

Ah, your perfect moment in San Fran. I remember it well. So great to see the birth of the book.
Cathleen Ross

Authorness said...

Did you feel that big fat cyber pinch I just gave you? This isn't a dream, CC! Congrats on your book's release!

COLORADO CHRISTMAS will hopefully fly into my mailbox any day now. I've heard so many good things about it. I'm looking forward to reading your masterpiece for myself.

~ Vanessa

Serena said...

Oh honey, this is so great! Your very own launch party! Like Louise said (hi Louise!) ENJOY!

I can't wait to read it - my copy is winging its way to Australia as we speak via the Book Depository! WHOOO HOOOO! I know I'm going to enjoy from beginning to end. Plus there's snow! Exactly what we need in a HOT and sunny Melbourne.


Sharon Archer said...

Happy launch party to you!
Happy launch party, dear CC!

tsk, if you cover your ears like that, how are you going to hear me singing!

Seriously, congratulations on your wonderful debut book, CC! I enjoyed it all but it was the impact of the moment that cannot be named that was very special. I'll look forward to meeting Louella in her encore!

CC Coburn said...

Hi, Louise, Cathleen, Vanessa and Serena! Thanks so much for dropping by and wishing me well. Serena and Vanessa, I do hope you enjoy reading Colorado Christmas, as much as Cathleen and Louise did!
CC :-)

CC Coburn said...

Hey Sharon, we crossed paths! I'm glad you enjoyed "the moment which cannot be named". :-)
Louella told me she'll be watching out for you in Book 2 of the O'Malley Men series. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi CC, You needn’t worry about people enjoying your novel. I’ve undertaken the reading journey that follows your pen and creative mind. I’m a happy customer. I’m saving my pennies and intend to line up for all your O'Malley Men. You did a wonderful job on them, and me. Quite a neat trick too because I cringe at spending when I see the ‘Christmas’ word splashed across a cover, it gives me a cold chill. --- My most memorable (best) part: CC I can’t go near a gathering of people without thinking of Becky and Will’s niece as I too wonder if the occasional child ‘somewhere’ can actually talk without yelling.

I raise a glass to you CC. Colorado Christmas is an entertaining fun way to spend an evening. I’m sure you’ll do it again and again; might even send me broke keeping up. ----- (Thank you) Erin

Fiona Lowe said...

Enjoy every moment of your launch month!!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Lovely blog CC. Enjoy every moment of these magical days as your first novel goes out into the world!
I'm half way through COLORADO CHRISTMAS and loving it. It is warm and funny and I really like the sense of place you evoke in it.
Isn't it exciting hearing from fans? People you don't even know but who love your book!!

Maxine said...

CC, enjoy your success. As someone who also took 20 years to get published, I can fully understand how much this means to you.


Lisa Ruff said...

What a wonderful time this is for you! Congratulations and here's hoping for many, many more books in your future.

Cher said...

Hi Catherine! (waving madly)

Congratulations on the release!! I pre-ordered my copy so hopefully it is on its way to my mail box even as I write this. And an RT Top Pick! Wow!!

There's nothing better than a Colorado Christmas by C.C. Coburn.

Have a great day,


Linda Warren said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy the moment. Can't wait to read Colorado Christmas.

Linda Henderson said...

Have a great day. You deserve it. I can't wait to read your book.

Jennifer Faye said...

Huge congrats CC on your first book! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! What a way to bring in the holidays. *G*

My copy must have taken the slow snail express. :( And I can't wait to read it.

Shelley Galloway said...

CC, Congratulations on the book launch! There's not another feeling like seeing your book on the shelf! I picked up your book last week at the grocery store, so Colorado Christmas is flying off the shelves in Cincinnati!

Enjoy every moment!

Hugs to you!

~ Paula Roe ~ said...

Hey CC - yep, it's here! how cool you get to share it with the whole entire world (yes, the *entire* world for anyone who chooses to buy your book... a little scary, huh?)

As a privileged recipient of Colorado Christmas, my favorite moment(s) would have to be Louella and the dogs. And also, the bit where I thought you'd ended the story, then realized there was more pages and Becky's son goes off and... well, let's just say, terrifying!

Estella said...

Enjoy your launch party! I'm looking forward to reading Colorado Christmas.

Pat Snellgrove said...

Haven't read the book yet but can't wait to get in my hot little hands. Good luck with sales. Pat

Helen Bianchin said...

Enjoy your launch, CC. The first book is very special

CC Coburn said...

Hi Erin, Kandy, Fiona, Maxine, Paula, Helen, Pat, Estella, Shelley, Jennifer, Cher, Lisa, Linda AND Linda.
Thank you so much for buying my book and saying you enjoyed it. I hope the ordered books arrive asap too!
It's a bit weird not being in the States and being able to go to the local stores and stroke my book, but I get to do it next week - can't wait!

robynl said...

a big congrats and wow, on the 20 yrs. You must be ecstatic.

I love the sounds of Colorado Christmas and would love to win it.


Janice said...

It was a real pleasure to read your story from my own, very special copy, as distinct from a computer screen. Mind you, I was reading those "rushes" from some very exotic locations, wasn't I? :))
And you know, I still laughed and cried and gasped at every single plot twist on every new Paper page.
And for the record, I think you should keep the pig!

Laney4 said...

Wow. A debut book? That has got to feel awesome. And 20 years in the making? I SOOO admire your perseverence! Never say never! Dreams DO come true! Yada yada yada.

Seriously, though, it is indeed a time to celebrate (and get to work on future books)!

I haven't read your book yet (and would LOVE to, of course), but it sure sounds like a winner! Heartfelt congrats on your new release!

CC Coburn said...

Thanks Robyn, Janice and Laney, and yes, it is a wonderful feeling after "practicing" for so many years. :-)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the paper version as much as those online reads, Janice!

Ann Roth said...

CC-m Hooray for you! I wish you armloads of fun and success.

Sara said...

Sorry I am late to say - Congratulations!!! Hope your big "release day" is everything you hoped it would be.

There is nothing like the feeling of walking into Borders or wherever - and seeing "your" book on the shelf!!!!

nicolerko said...

Sorry I'm late as well. Congrats!! I hope you enjoyed it!

CC Coburn said...

Hi Ann, Sara and Nicolerko! Thanks so much for your congrats.
On the Saturday of Thanksgiving I'll be doing a booksigning at our local Borders, Sara, so I must remember to take a camera and get a photo of my books lined up on the shelves!