Friday, August 07, 2009

Just Relaxing by Megan

Seems summer has passed me by without enough of that "sitting and doing nothing time" I remember as a kid. However I've just been forcibly relaxed: my doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for my neck, which went into spasm after a car bump (aka collision).

It turns out my body takes about a week to adjust to new medications.

Taking just one of these pills impairs my ability to type. That's not good for a writer trying to get a proposal to her editor. :( I sent an email to my friend, who then asked me if the relaxers made me dopey or grumpy. Had she seen me giggling as I typed, she would have known.

Dopey. Definitely.

The next day, I was at work at our town's independent bookstore. My friend's question popped into my head, but it came to me as "does the pill make you gropey or dumpy?" Gropey? Dumpy? I laughed out loud.

For about an hour.

I started thinking of the Seven Dwarves and tried to figure which Dwarf I'm most like when not on meds. Doc? Maybe. I do have rare moments of wisdom. Grumpy? Oh yeah, unfortunately. :) Dopey? More often than my kids would like. Sneezy? In the fall and spring. Sleepy? Every afternoon, but most days I can sneak in a quick nap. Bashful? You bet. Happy? Almost all the time. :)

The FedEx guy came in about the time I realized this about Happy, and I wore a huge smile (probably more like Goofy than a Dwarf). He let me know what he brought, and as usual, it was a box from Penguin Publishing. We usually make jokes about him bringing me a penguin (why'd you smash it in that box?), two little penguins, etc. But knowing I was liable to start cracking up again, I refrained from joking and began to sign my name.

Did you know my name is Penguin?


Fortunately I only got two letters in and was able to do a quick correct, but I had started to laugh (again) and told him what I'd done, blaming the drugs. He laughed too. And guess what? The guy's got a memory on him--and I've got a new nickname.

I can't be the only one with a resistance level this low. Any of you want to confess your silly moments when medicated? Misery--and hilarity--love company.

Pen--er, Megan Kelly

p.s. For anyone curious, I got through presenting the workshop at the RWA National conference last month without disappointing my co-presenter, embarrassing myself or being ill in public. I consider that a success!


Leigh Duncan said...

Had to have an MRI once that meant 45 minutes in the 'tube'. Since I'm a tad bit -- oooh, yeah --- claustrophobic, the doc gave me a pill. I remember taking 1/2 tablet in the waiting room...then, nothing, until I woke up in my bedroom 18 hours later. I must have been awake -- they said I followed all their directions, yeah, not a clue.

Megan Kelly said...

Leigh, I never know if that "acting without conscious thought" is cool or just plain scary. I had the same when I got my wisdom teeth cut out. A jab in the arm and I went from "weeeeee" to the recovery room, sitting by my fiance. Yikes. I hate to think what he asked me. :)

Barbara White Daille said...

Megan - I just had to LOL at parts of that post!

I can't really think of any silly medicated moments in my life but there must have been some...maybe I've blocked them from memory. ;-)

Hugs on the neck pain. Hope it's much better soon.

And way to go on the presentation!


Megan Kelly said...

Thanks, Barbara. My life is full of lol moments. That's probably why I'm Happy. :)

Megan Kelly said...

Thanks, Barbara. My life is full of lol moments. That's probably why I'm Happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I think a one time of the other we have all said something goofy with or without medication. I know I'm guilty of that. Hope your neck gets better. I still have a ruptured disk in my neck from a car wreck.

Linda Henderson

Megan Kelly said...

Linda, That's awful. I had a disk in my neck removed when it collapsed a few years ago. The relief was terrific. And I'm just glad I have an excuse right now for the Goofy things I do. lol