Sunday, May 03, 2009

What Makes A Hero?

This month, a lot of the Harlequin American authors are going to be blogging about heroes. We’ll be writing about firemen and CEO’s, cowboys and soldiers. This theme has had me doing some thinking about the heroes in my books…and the heroes in my life.
While we’d all agree heroes are people who triumphantly save the day, get the bad guy, or save someone from a burning building, most men I know haven't done too many of those things.
But they're heroes to me, just the same. They've made my life better and happier. Those types of men are usually the kind of heroes I write about, too. I love writing about decent, hardworking, kind men. They’re the guys I’d want to know, or work with, or live near.
So here are some men who’ve been real heroes to me over the years:

• My dad, of course, who took me to college, planned my wedding, and cried when he held my newborn son.
• My husband who makes me laugh, talks up my books, drives me around in the snow, and always washes my car for me-since I have a weird car wash phobia.
• My son, who always kills spiders in the house,carries heavy things for me, and makes a big deal about Mother's Day because he knows it makes me happy.
• Mike, our insurance guy, who came right out when we had a mini-flood eight years ago and my husband was out of town and wouldn’t answer his cell phone.
• My son’s wrestling coach who made my son listen…even when he didn’t want to.
• Grant, one of the pastors at our church. Somehow he’s made ‘going to church’ something that all the high school youth want to do.

I know I’m not alone in knowing a bunch of heroic guys. Anyone have their own hero at home? In their neighborhood? At their grocery store? This month is the perfect time to remember them. Tell us who your personal hero is! I, for one, would love to read all about him.



housemouse88 said...

My personal hero is my hubby, Junior. He is the one who kills the spider I'm screaming over, the one to fix the car when its not running, the one to help anyone in need and much more. He also always has a smile on his face. He is my hero. Have a great day.

shelley galloway said...

Dear Housemouse 88, : )

Your husband sounds like a keeper, and a true hero, too! Thanks for telling us about him!


kimmyl said...

My daughter. She is only 17 and has kidney problems and a slipped disk. Yet she still trys to act like a normal teenager and keeps on the honor roll at school.

shelley galloway said...

Hi Kimmyl,

Your daughter sounds like an amazing young woman! You must be so proud of her.


Lee R. Duncan said...

I'm with Kimmyl -- my daughter is absolutely the hero in my life. With 3 little kids and nary a relative within a day's drive, she keeps her sanity and still finds time for volunteer work. With heroes like these in our lives, no wonder our books focus on strong, independent women!