Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Spots on my blouse

A few days ago, before I left for RWA in San Francisco, I took a friend to lunch for her birthday. A tradition we both enjoy, as lunch for both our birthdays insures we see each other at least twice a year. She chose a really good Asian place that serves delicious, healthful food. We had fun—yummy food, great conversation, lots of laughter. When I got home, I happened to glance down. There on the front of my pretty, light-teal color blouse, was a ginormous grease spot. (I’ll be honest here—there were several little ones, too.) Now I love food and love to eat, but I’m no wild ape. I lean over and try to be careful. But one or more of the dishes must’ve splattered.

It’s not the spots that bother me.(Okay, the DO bother me a little. What a slob!!) It’s the fact that my friend never said, oops, you got grease on your blouse. I would tell her, I swear. I realize I couldn’t have done anything about the spots, but I wish she’d have said something so I’d have realized.

Which leads to a big question that’s now on my mind: Do you tell people if they have spots on their clothes? Or maybe the tag on the back of their shirt is sticking up. Or they have food in their teeth. Or anything else that is amiss. I’m wondering whether you tell people about these things so that they can fix the problem? Or do you just let them walk around unaware?

Until next time and wishing you spot-free clothes, food-free teeth, and tucked in tags,
Ann Roth


Ellen said...

I guess with me it depends on how well I know them. I would tell my best friend or even my second best friend and maybe my third best friend but just an acquaintance or someone I just met maybe not. I guess it depends on how well I feel we've connected.

Ann Roth said...

Good point. Though I have told people in airports that their tag stuck out. They always seem to appreciate it.

Megan Kelly said...

Ann, could it be your friend was having such a good time, she either didn't notice or didn't want to make you self-conscious? I lost an earring before my book signing last month and did a whole talk and signed some books before anyone mentioned it--and the audience was basically my friends and family. I could have taken out the other earring, whereas you couldn't do anything about your spotted blouse. And yes, had it been me, I would have told you. Perhaps you could have dabbed cold water on it or borrowed a Tide pen or something to salvage the shirt.

Estella said...

It would depend on how well I knew them.

Anonymous said...

If I know you I would tell you. Why? Because I hope you would do the same for me!

Ann Roth said...

Megan- You make an interesting point. And what a positive way to look at it--she was having so much fun, she didn't even notice. Okay, I'll go for that. :-)

Estella- I get that!

Marcie- Thanks. :-) I'd tell you, too!