Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun News!!

For those of you who have been with us a while, you know I generally talk about my kids, but today, I'm just talking about ME!!! LOL!!! Seriously, I've had a fun month, and want to share.

For starters, my editor, Johanna R. just agreed to a new four-book deal, so it looks like you'll be stuck with me a while longer!!!! Three of the stories are a series, loosely titled, Love & Lamaze. It's about some unconventional single moms who meet up through Lamaze class. The fourth, is part of a series the line is doing. Now, I have no clue what the official name is, so for now, I affectionately call it Hunky Men Across America!! If anyone knows the real name, please chime in!! LOL!!

Next in my fun news is the fact that I just heard yesterday that I've landed an AMAZING Art Teacher position at my kids' old middle school. Not only is the thought of teaching art a dream come true, but the school is a few blocks from home, and I already know much of the staff from my PTA days. Don't tell anyone, but I'm both crazy excited and crazy scared!!! I have the same nervous butterflies I had when selling my first book on proposal. Like, I kind of think I can pull it off, but maybe I'm not so sure!! LOL!!!

The only down side to my new gig, is saying goodbye to all of the friends I've made at my current school. One of my favorite things about teaching, is making friends. Sounds corny, but I sat home alone writing for a decade, and it got lonely. Anyway, while I'll miss my *people* here, I can't wait to dig into this new position.

For Mother's Day, we did the Muskogee Renaissance Faire. I'm still full!!! Aside from all the amazing costumes, my fave part is the food. Gotta love the turkey legs, fried cheesecake (which I'm pretty sure wasn't around in medieval times ), roasted corn and funnel cake!!!

Tell me what you all did for Mom's Day!! One of my student's reported giving his mom a new car!! Hmmm . . . all I got was a new key chain--but it was from the pricey Coach store!! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you, Laura! That's wonderful news about your books and your new teaching position!


Christa said...

great news about the books. (for some reason I think I heard it being called Really Hunky Men Around the World).
Wow and more congrats on the teaching position. amazing news.
For Mother's Day I went to my parent's house and had Kentuky Fried Chicken. No presents but no cooking either. except for the 6 dozen peanut butter cookies and the 3 banana breads that morning.(why 6 dozen peanut butter cookies if I live alone you may ask because I have friends upstairs who drive truck that like penut butter cookies and bring me bottles of Malibu Rum:))

Marin Thomas said...


Woo-hoo on the new contract and the teaching job! Art should be a fun course to teach and you'll be a great teacher. They're lucky to have you on their staff.

As for the hunky men series, I'm also doing one of the books--it should be a lot of fun!


Estella said...

Congrats on your new job!
My daughters an I went to lunch on Mother's Day.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Shelley--You're a doll!! Thanks for sharing my fun!!

Christa--you always party it up!! I want some of those cookies!! Thanks for the congrats!!

Marin--You're a sweet potato pie!! I'm so glad we're doing hunky handsome men together!! (That came out sounding kinda wrong, though, didn't it? LOL!!)

Estella--Thanks for your congrats, and I'm glad you got to do lunch with your girls. Lunching is the best!!

Ann Roth said...

Laura- A 4-book deal and a fabulous new job?! Mega congratulations!! :-)

Laura Marie Altom said...

Thank you, Ann!! Coming back down to reality, this weekend will be spent hosting the annual cheer yard sale at our house. Ugh!! ;-)

Cheri2628 said...

It sounds like you had an incredible week! Congratulations!