Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

I'll admit it - I'm hooked on Dancing with the Stars. Can you believe how good the professionals look in their skimpy little outfits!?!? How much do those women weigh, anyway? And how about the high heels. I couldn't walk in them, much less dance. And then there's the matter of those sexy Russian guys. What can I say other than woo-woo-woo.

How about the amateurs. You have to give those folks an A+ for chutzpah. On this season's show there's a competitor who is either stuffed or Botoxed. That one's a little hard to take. A couple of seasons back there was guy who looked like he was dancing in clown shoes. Now seriously, if you were completely devoid of rhythm and tone deaf, would you dance on a nationwide television show? Not me, baby. And how about parading around in front of millions of people with your midriff showing. Personally, I'd rather eat snails.

But, you can bet your bottom dollar that next week I'll be glued to the TV.


Ann DeFee
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Estella said...

I have only watched Dancing With the Stars once---that was enough.

catslady said...

I got hooked a year and a half ago lol. Glad the model was the first to go. I agree with what you said except for the snails (love them lol) so I'll say I'd rather eat worms hahaha.

Ellen said...

Like Estella I only watched once (and not even the whole thing) and that was enough. I have never understood why people like to make fools of themselves (and many do) on shows like this.