Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love and the small screen

It’s mid-May, the time for endings, and, by the same token, for beginnings. My older son just arrived home from his junior year in college and my younger son is preparing for high school graduation. So it's the start of a summer full of family get-togethers -- and preparation for fall enrollment!

Meanwhile, the spring planting season is winding up here in Southern California, and the summer vegetables are beginning to poke into view. This year, I’m growing tomatoes, along with zucchini, lettuce (if the snails don’t eat it all!), green beans, basil, parsley, cucumbers and eggplant.

May also marks the end of the TV season. Goodbye to old favorites, although many will return. Hello to summer replacements.

Re the old season: Those of who love romance appreciate how the writers on Smallville have managed to keep the sparks alive between Clark and Lana, even after her marriage to Lex. Other favorites: the shenanigans on Desperate Housewives, which I just discovered this year and am frantically catching up on, and the stylish and touching turns on Grey’s Anatomy.

I’ll also miss Jericho, which somehow manages a touch of romance amid the carnage, and 24, where poor Jack Bauer just can’t seem to get his hands on Audrey. Plus, I really enjoy the husband-wife relationships on The Unit.

While I’ll miss them this summer, this means the start of more time to catch up on my reading. I’ll see you at the bookstore!


Christa said...

Got all my planting on my balcony done today. Left the house at 7:30 this morning and just got back about 2:45. It looks like Thursday I'll be working on my parent's garden. My dad usually has tomato, leetuce, radishes, cucumbers, carrots and pepers in his veg garden. Then he has some chives and some herbs

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Oh, chives sound good! Maybe I'll add some of those to my garden, too.

Christa said...

He has about 3 chive plants so he has a supply all year plus it comes back every year.
I think all the gardening is done there. Because it was raining most of the night, the veg garden was too wet to play in but all the veg plants are bought and a rosemary and a thyme. I was able to play in the front because it wasn't as wet and the garden in the back has got mostly prennials so I just had to weed. And plant up 6 planters.Love the feel of dirt under my nails.
Season finale of ER tonight.