Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Living with a 2 year old

Hi guys,
I'm in the middle of a marathon trip to the east coast, and the first leg of this adventure is a stop at my daughter's house in Pittsburgh. That's where the two-year old comes in. My Pburg babies are 6 and 2. So, believe me, I'm getting the full treatment of My Pretty Pony, Carz, dinosaurs, Webkinz and Only Hearts Club dolls. There's nothing like playing a couple of dozen rounds of Candy Land to get your blood flowing.

From here I go to my son's house in the D.C. area (two more grandbabies). Then on to Annapolis where I'm doing a book signing with a couple of my Harlequin Everlasting Love friends - Geri Krotow and Linda Cardillo. If you're in the Annapolis area on Sunday, November 11, please stop by and visit with us at Hard Beans and Books (it's right downtown). We'd love the company.

From there Geri and I go to her hometown of Buffalo for another signing. I'm thinking I didn't bring enough warm clothes. And then on to Toronto to do a tour of the Harlequin offices.
After that I hopscotch back home through Baltimore. My tongue's hanging just thinking about it.

So wish me luck. I'll check in later - after I get home, wash my clothes and hibernate for a couple of days.


A Perfect Tree - One Magic Christmas - Harlequin American Christmas Anthology - available mid-November
Goin' Down to Georgia - Harlequin American Romance - March 2008


Jennifer said...

Hey Ann, you better dress warm if you're headed this way. Snow flurries have been sighted around Pittsburgh and the wind is cold. Brrrr... Although it's putting everyone in a holiday spirit. Yippee!!!

Estella said...

I understand about the 2 year old. My grandson always wants to color or kick a soccer ball around outside. I am a retired grandma and running after a soccer ball is not my favorite thing to do. I'm TOO OLD!

catslady said...

Yep, you came just as the snow came - luckily not too much yet but the weather changed dramatically in the last week. Hope you're having fun with the grandbabies!

Nathalie said...

Yup... it is getting cold on the East-coast :)

Sarita Leone said...

Good luck! And it is getting chilly here on the East coast. Winter's coming!

Lily said...

Yep... winter is coming!