Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why I wish...

Here’s why I wish true life was like a Harlequin romance:
--If someone really wants a child, eventually she’ll get one
--All children are loved or, if they grew up in an unhappy home, as an adult they find someone who truly loves them
--As a reader, you’re the heroine of every story
--As a reader, you can love a different man every day but remain faithful to your husband
--The sex is great
--Money may be tight, but no one worries about it too much
--You might not have a perfect figure, but a gorgeous man will find you beautiful
--Villains invariably lose
--People have fabulous weddings without having to sit around addressing thank-you notes
--Nobody needs to keep track of the toilet paper, remember to pay the credit card bill or study for the SATs
--Old wounds heal; old wrongs can be forgiven; old sins find redemption
--The man who swears he’ll never fall in love, does
--By the time the woman falls in love, the guy’s already crazy about her (even if he hasn’t admitted it to himself)
--There’s always a happy ending.

Thanks for reading our books! My next, Twin Surprise, will be out in September. It's a particular favorite of mine -- the hero really touched my heart.


ABamaBecky said...

Jacqueline, i can sum up your entire list in one word --- ESCAPE. I think that's why we like HAR so much, so we can escape from all of those tedious things in our own lives!

MaryF said...

Great post!

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Thanks to you both!