Monday, March 12, 2007

March Madness

March is one of my favorite months. First, spring finally arrives in Missouri. I'm one of the SAD people--I really do get the seasonal affective disorder. I need sun and lots of brightness, and the gloom of winter does me in. By the time March arrives, I'm ready.

Second, March means that spring sports begin. NASCAR. Baseball. Even better, my plants start breaking through and the buds hit the trees. I'm writing this while on spring break (hooray)!

Third, St. Patrick's Day, my favorite holiday. My daughter's and my best friend's birthday (same day--30 years apart) both follow on the 18th. This year I'm also traveling to NYC at the end of the month.

So far, March has been good to me. I've learned I get a tax refund. I've reached all my writing deadlines. I've been the lucky person updating the blog and sharing all the news about all the great sales to the Harlequin American line. I have a book out in April, and I'm getting ready for that.

I've also learned that I just sold another book--another Harlequin NASCAR series continuity. Out of Line will be a May 2008 release.

So I'm quite upbeat and excited. I love sharing good news, and there's a lot of it! (Congrats to Jacqueline Diamond on a 3-book sale!) After March 17, I'll post all the details about the first saler to the line.

So in this season of March Madness, let me take a minute to thank you, the reader. You are our fans, cheering us on to victory. You're there when we lose some and there when we win some. You make us shine. Thank you.

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christa said...

When I was taking my horticultural course when had to do a thesis for english that had something to do with hort. So mine was the effect that SAD on a horticurturist because I would often find myself more depressed in the winter months. This also gave me a chance to see what measures I could take to lessen the effects.