Friday, June 14, 2013

What's Summer Fun?!

Proud of myself for finally ditching the winter wreath and hauling off the poor dead fern! LOL!!
Ahh . . . summer.

The word calls to mind turquoise swimming pools and sunshine glinting like diamonds on oceans lapping sandy shores. Summer makes me think of picnics and ice cream and watermelon. Planting flowers and reading on the shady front porch.

Um, yeah--if you're at Casa Altom, now's the time to make that annoying scratchy record sound, because so far, our summer has super sucked.

After more kid angst than even I could ever imagine--and that's saying somethin'--we've now moved on to a new window leak, hose spigot leak, fleas, and one or two ants in random places. Our nearly sixteen-year-old dog Sweet Pea just had tooth surgery and yesterday, all three kids managed to squelch any attempt at writing with minor medical emergencies that began at 7:40 AM with a trek to the dermatologist, then to the dentist, then the urgent care center for an issue EVERYONE knows to never call me for . . . I'm turning green just thinking of it!!  LOL!!

Knock on wood, but thankfully, everyone's healthy again and today has been selfishly, wonderfully all mine!!! It may not be very summer-like, but I've written a few pages, gabbed on the phone with my bestie, watched an episode of Lost, and even manged to cheat on my diet.

Great times, right? My fingers are crossed that any day now, even more summer fun will hit me like a truckload of yummy s'mores!!

How about you? Got anything awesome planned for June, July or August?



Megan Kelly said...

Hey, Laura, I cheated on my diet too! It's like we were separated at birth. lol
Sorry to hear of your family and home troubles. I'm secluded in my office and have updated my website a tiny bit. That's enough hair pulling for me today.
We both should get back to writing!

linda s said...

Sorry to hear about all your dramas. And after all the kiddie angst, they come along and give you a sweet hug and you know it's worth it.
Summer. I'm thinking family barbeques almost every night and the grandbaby in the wading pool while I read romance novels in the gazebo beside him. Bees humming round, birds feeding chirping babies, and the smell of roses from the garden on hot sunny days. There's the catch... hot sunny days... in the Pacific Northwest... not likely to happen too often. If I won the lottery I'd build a summer cabin in Texas.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Stay healthy, We are going to Hershey,PA to see One Direction in concert. I am treasuring my hearing now. Little girls have piercing screams. My 14 year old daughter is beyond excited to see them

Laney4 said...

Hosting our annual summer party for 50-85 guests where we share homemade wine my daughter and I won from playing in our badminton club championships in April. It's always a potluck so I don't have to worry about who says they'll show up and don't, who says they won't and do, and who never gets back to us. We have a carport and garage (and the house) if it rains - and it has ... so it makes it even more cozy for everyone.

Summer said...

I'm going to a couple concerts in July, so I'm looking forward to those. And I'm hoping for some warm sunny weather at some point, at the moment we're very cloudy where I am, and I like heat.