Friday, December 25, 2009

Warm Wishes for a Merry Christmas

Most of you know I’m a Florida gal. Florida, where temps often hover in the 80’s, even in mid-winter. Most Christmas Days, my fervent hope is for things to cool down enough that I can light our once-a-year fire in the fireplace. The only boots I own are the ones I use wading in the river when I go fishing, and my scarves are light, frothy things designed to add a dash of color (not necessarily warmth!) to otherwise drab outfits.

Not so this winter. This year, I’ve had to expand my wardrobe for a visit to my daughter’s in Maryland over the holidays. Suddenly, curling up under the blankets beside a roaring fire doesn’t sound like such a strange thing to do. This picture, taken from her back porch, will tell you why.

Wherever you might be this Christmas, the authors of Harlequin American Romance wish you warmth and joy and the merriest of holidays!


Linda Henderson said...

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Lee McKenzie said...

Beautiful photo, Leigh, but I have to say . . . brrrrr!

Lee, who is thrilled to be having a green Christmas here in the Pacific Northwest

PamStone said...

Great picture. We had snow in Dallas this year, which was a little odd given that we are only slightly cooler than Florida on Christmas.

Merry Christmas all!

robynl said...

quite a difference for you I'm sure but for us used to snow at Christmas it is nice. Enjoy yourself and have a great time at your daughter's.
Merry Christmas, peace, joy and happiness to you and yours.


Lois said...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas! :) And no snow here. . . well, today. Still quite a bit on the ground from the big time major weekend northeast snowstorm. Tonight it'll get all washed away with rain. :) It's a pretty picture though. :)


Estella said...

Happy Holidays to all!

Nicole S said...

I love the picture. Snow makes everything look so pretty.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!