Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Writing Tip...Sort of

Well, I got out my trusty book, A Novel Idea, this morning, ready to once again share a writing tip, but after some thought, I thought of another tip that might be of better use this week.

Just write.

Right now, I'm in full vacation mode. My son is home, my daughter is finally on Christmas break, and my husband is due to stay in town for the next two weeks. I can think of a hundred reasons not to even look at my computer. And actually, from last Thursday to yesterday afternoon, I didn't even step in my office. I was tired of emails, Facebook, and deadlines. All I've been wanting to do is sit on the couch and watch Christmas movies.

Maybe some of you felt the same way?

But yesterday, when I was a little snippy with some people (okay, my husband), it occurred to me that maybe what I needed wasn't to make another batch of cookies, run to the mall, or organize the pantry. Maybe I needed to do the one thing that made me happy, no matter what....write.

So I wrote four pages.

It's not much. Most days I have four pages written by the time I eat breakfast. But it was enough to keep my mind on my current WIP. Enough to convince me to stop worrying about Christmas menus, relatives arriving, clothes not fitting and the frigid weather outside our door.

Immediately, I felt a lot better! Maybe some of you will feel the same way.

So, my writing tip for the month is to write. Even a little bit. Even if it's not very good. Write because you're a writer, and it's what we do.

Then you can go bake some more cookies. : )

Shelley Galloway


PamStone said...

Oh Shelley, we are of the same mind. Writing is one thing that always makes me smile. Christmas and all the family around is nice, but it does add stress. Escaping into my WIP provides a little sanity. I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one. Have a Merry Christmas!

shelley galloway said...

Yep, Pam, in my books, the holidays are joyous, the snow beautiful, the cookies never make my heroine gain weight, and the hero always, always searches for the perfect gift.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Lynn said...

I feel better about writing my 500 words in the morning than I do when I hit the gym.

Marcie said...

I start to feel edgy, okay crabby, if I spend too much time away from writing. Recently I got so caught up in technique (need conflict for example) I lost sight of the story. And the desire to write. So I decided to write a Christmas-themed short story and think of what happens as I go. I need the practice. And who knows - maybe it will be longer than a short story!

Linda Henderson said...

Merry Christmas and may your writing flow from your fingertips into the new year.

shelley galloway said...

Well said, Lynn! Now all I've got to do is hit the gym. : )

shelley galloway said...


I love the idea of writing a Christmas short story just for fun. You're right, sometimes the heart of the story gets lost when we focus on the details.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

shelley galloway said...


what a great Christmas wish! Thank you. And, I hope the same for you, too! And, of course, I hope you have time to read all the books you want!