Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I really didn’t forget to blog this month. I’m just having trouble posting thanks to the blizzard messing with my internet satellite connection. We’re definitely going to have a white Christmas here in Michigan – at least we will if it keeps snowing like this. Last Thursday night we got 16 inches. This week we’re getting hit again – with that lovely wintry mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow. We even had lightning and thunder this morning –- when I was out with a broom trying to sweep the snow and ice out of the satellite dish. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to post although my blog has changed a bit. Like Linda, I intended to post about the holiday season – which I love, but as usual I’m not ready for it. I have cookies to bake, gifts to buy and wrap – and have yet to put up my tree. Of course the tree doesn’t stay up thanks to my cat who loves to climb it. I don’t remember how many times we had to put it back up last year. Tomorrow, since we’re certain to be snowed in, we will put up the tree and bake those cookies and wrap the gifts I managed to buy before the blizzard hit. The snow is very pretty, but it does make getting ready for the holiday – and blogging – much more of a challenge.
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Gillian Layne said...

Stay warm and safe. We dodged the bullet with this storm and I am SO glad.

CC Coburn said...

Hi Lisa, I was wondering where you'd gotten to! I too was having trouble posting but oly cos I'm stupid nt cos of the weather. :-)
I hope you do get a white Xmas - there's something so magical about it. We've had very little in CO this season, but I'm always hopeful.
For tomorrow's blog I'm discussing Xmas in Australia and how very different it is from here.
I love it that your cat climbs your tree! I can just imagine the human squeals and cat meows and then the crashing of the tree (and hopefully not the breaking of valuable ornaments) as it hits the floor!
Have a lovely Christmas too!

Linda Henderson said...

It's been really cold here in Southwest Missouri, but at least we haven't had ice or snow yet. Just a few flakes anyway. I intend to stay inside as much as possible. I am going to try and go to my granddaughter's Christmas program tomorrow night but after that I'm staying in. The cold is really hard on my arthritis. I finished my shopping Monday before the awful cold came so I'm good to go.

Leigh Duncan said...

Come on down to my part of the world--it was 86 and sunny on the East Coast of Florida yesterday. Lest you feel too jealous, we'll be heading to Maryland for the holidays, and I'm thinking there will be some cold and possibly snow in my near future.

Nicole S said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. I want a white Christmas, but only a few inches. We had a blizzard here yesterday afternoon. Now if the winds would let up, it wouldn't be so cold.

Happy Holidays Lisa!!


so weet... i like.........

Lisa Childs said...

Thanks for the holiday well wishes!!!

I hope you all have fabulous holidays, too! It's snowing again but not like it was, but I'm certain winter is here to stay in Michigan.

Leigh, Florida weather sounds like heaven right now! Hopefully Maryland won't be too cold and snowy for you -- just enough to make it pretty! :)

CC, yes, it is quite entertaining around here with the cat and the Chihuahua. Roxxi thinks she's a very tough dog when she "trees" the cat in the Christmas tree. After last year, our first year since Izzi found us, we leave the breakable ornaments off the tree. It makes for a bare looking tree, but it's much safer for collectibles and critters. :)

Happy Holidays!