Monday, December 14, 2009

It's almost Christmas and so far the Grinch has sent $800 worth of heating repairs, $900 worth of auto repairs, one car sent to the junk yard (we had about $5000 in that), $300 for a new garbage disposal, $600 for Hollyball dress, ties, hair, corsages, and just this morning in the midst of printing my edits that are due the 17th, the laser printer decided it needed a new $100 ink cartidge. Oh--and did I mention we finally got the Christmas tree up and gorgeous only to have it topple over, breaking ornaments we've had for decades? (This month's pic is of Abbey, Russell and Hannah all dolled up for the big dance. Terry was off picking up his date!)

Okay, so while none of that has been fun, I was snuggling with Hubby on the sofa last night in front of the fire with a wonderfully sappy Lifetime Christmas movie playing when it struck me how incredibly blessed we are. When we were first married, that much calamity striking at once would've meant a dreaded call to the folks to beg for money. Now, it just means covering the big, honking holes in the sofa with blankets for a little while longer! Ornaments break, but the memories attached to them will be with me forever.

I'm grateful for family and friends and my goofy, infuriating pets. While I need to lose a few pounds, I'm grateful for the bounty of food always in our cabinets and fridge. The older I get, the more it seems like my favorite parts of Christmas have less to do with gifts and more with the true gifts of family traditions. Playing epic games of boys versus girls Trivial Pursuit on Christmas Eve while watching The Grinch and Christmas Vacation. I love seeing friends and baking and the special hush of Christmas morning when it feels as if the whole world's taking a much-needed breather.

Happy, happy holidays to all!! What are some of your favorite family traditions?


Gillian Layne said...

I'm not "happy" to read about all your catastrophes (and I could cry for your lost ornaments) but wow can I commensurate. It's been that kind of year, at least it's been that kind of last few months. And the SIL just let us know my FIL is back to the doctor again this morning.

Snuggling with hubby is very high on the list of "keep my sanity" activities. And my daughter will perform in her band concert tonight, and another daughter will sing tomorrow. It is those little things that keep us sane. We really love making a simple cheese dip that we never make any other time of the year. And sometime between Christmas and New Years we'll go drive and look at lights.

Happy Holidays to all of you, and a more peaceful new years to you, Laura. :)

PamStone said...

Oh Laura, I can so relate to the bills and also the broken ornaments. So sorry. But yes, this is the time or year to count our blessins and dwell on the wonderful things we do have.

Linda Henderson said...

My sister loves to play games. Whenever we are all there we usually play some trivia or music games. It's a lot of fun.

shelley galloway said...


Ouch! On those car catastrophes!

As I read your post, I kept nodding my head. Yes, there's certainly much to be grateful for.

I hope your Christmas is wonderful, and that the GIRLS win on Christmas Eve!