Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Traditions

This year my best friend and I decided to start our own Christmas Tradition. Debra and I have been friends since fifth grade. We were in each other’s weddings. Our kids grew up together and her oldest daughter and my youngest son were in the same high school graduating class. And third generation, Debra babysits for both her granddaughter and mine.

So this year we took our granddaughters on a weekend excursion to Marble Falls, Texas to see the Christmas lights. We made a jaunt to Johnson City where the girls raced around under the light wrapped trees and clapped their hands in awe at a horse drawn carriage and Santa Claus. We watched a living nativity play and petted the animals. We drove through a display with a light tunnel and the girls stuck their heads out of the sunroof and squealed at all the beautiful lights. In Marble Falls we strolled through a Christmas display and sipped hot chocolate. The view off our balcony took in the reflection of the Marble Falls light display across the lake. We even talked the girls out of lunch at McDonalds and dined at the Bluebonnet Café where we sampled each other’s slices of homemade pie. According to my granddaughter, Lilly, it was the best day EVER! And an extra bonus for me Marble Falls and the Bluebonnet Café are the setting for my 2011 release.

Debra’s favorite part was the tiny Christmas angel at the nativity play, Samantha enjoyed petting the sheep, and Lilly loved sticking her head out of the top of the car. For me, it was just sharing a new adventure with wonderful people I love.
Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas full of both old and new experiences.


Juliet Burns said...

Sounds like a magical weekend, Pam. Makes me yearn to take my grandkids there. In about 10 years when I hope to someday HAVE grandkids and not a moment BEFORE! :)

PamStone said...

LOL, Juliet. Grandkids are awesome, but only when the time is right. Now I have to figure out something to do with the grandsons.

Megan Kelly said...

Pam, that's wonderful. Viewing the lights is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. In pre-recession days, we just to ride around in the car looking for neighborhoods and revisiting our favorites from prior years. My kids got to do that some; maybe I can kidnap them this year from their busy schedules?

Linda Henderson said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I enjoy spending time with my grandkids too.

PamStone said...

Linda, kids really are what make the holidays for me. Just seeing it through the wonder in their eyes. Megan, I've put lots of miles on cars through the years doing just what you did. Funny thing is that there was no charge for any of the displays we took the girls to. Just the gas and hotel, but it was worth it to see them have such a good time. Kids see the magic we as adults sometimes forget.