Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Ten-Minute Pick Up

The Ten-Minute Pick Up

There's nothing that starts out the day worse than to wake up to a house in disarray. It seems to put the whole day into catch-up mode. To solve this, try this time-saving small tip.

Each evening, before calling it a day, spend 10 minutes picking up and straightening the major rooms in the house. Don't make this a major clean-up time, and don't worry about the bedrooms---except maybe your own. Simply look over the areas for items out of place, straighten the cushions, put the day's newspaper where it belongs, and wake up the next morning to a tidy home and a smile on your face.

Anyone care to share their secret quick pick-up tip?

Roxann Delaney


PamStone said...

Hi Roxann,

I've never timed it or thought of it as the 10 minute rule, but I've done pretty much that for years. Just a quick straighten, put dishes in dishwasher. Amazing the difference in attitude the next morning, and I'm not a morning person.

Linda Henderson said...

Yes, I try to do that too. At the end of the day I try to put things back where they belong so I don't have to start out a new day with a bunch of housework.

Ann Roth said...

Rox- I can't stand to wake up to a dirty kitchen, so I make sure the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, the counter is clean and wiped down, and the sink is rinsed out.

As for the pick-up, I like to straighten up during those awful TV commercials. Gets me out of the chair, and also burns up a few after-dinner calories.