Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Peek into my Doomed Life . . .

Why is it that the more behind you already are, the more things exponentially go wrong? (This pic is of our dog, Daisy. This morning, we look like twins--only I have more dried up spaghetti in my hair!! LOL!!)

I started off the day in great shape. Harvested my Tomatoes on Facebook's highly addictive Farmville game, took a nice, hot shower, and then sat down to call Johanna, my fab editor. The day before, I'd started my AAs(Author Alterations--the last author step in the editing process!!) only to find they'd vanished. Not yet in full panic--even though they're due Friday, I calmly wrote Johanna a message asking her to resend.

This morning, not seeing a note from her, made me look around my computer some more, thinking they might be lost. Sure enough, I found them in an obscure download file I hadn't even known I have. Great, so I'm back on track and don't even have to bother Johanna, right? Ha! I go to open the file, and nothing happens. Strike One.

Son #2 comes running in, demanding to use the computer. Since I'm thinking Johanna must be working out of her office, I dial Toronto, calling for the fab Miz Laura Barth. She knows how to fix anything!

Son #2 is now doing an impatient hop. "This is serious," he says. "I have to do something for school."

Oh--well in that case, I'm thinking, let me stop all action and get the heck out of YOUR chair!! I gave him my patented "If You Don't Leave This Second I'm Taking Your Car Keys" glare.

He scurried off to the scary, dark portions of the house otherwise known as the kids' rooms.

Oh--as for my BFF Laura Barth? I got voice mail. Strike Two.

If you've ever had the chance to call Harlequin's Toronto offices, the receptionists are AMAZING. Unflappable, speaking in ethereal voices that instantly let you know everything's under control. So after pressing zero to wind my way back to one of these angels, I ask for anyone in the office who might know anything about Harlequin American.

She says, "Hmm . . . I could connect you with Johanna Raisanen."

Nope, she's working at home.

"Laura Barth?"

Nope. Straight to voice mail.

"Kathleen Scheibling?"

Yahtzee!! She connects me to Kathleen's line and my new savior picked up on the second ring, knew just what to do and I had my AAs printing within a few minutes. Have I mentioned how awesome the Harlequin crew is??!! They rock!!

Okay, so I'm printing, printing, wondering if I have time to check on my coffee cakes at Yo-Ville--another highly addictive Facebook game when the printer stops. If any of you have ever seen Total Recall, there's a scene where the fans are shut off, leaving the Martian Mutants to a certain death. Well, this is kinda the same feeling I had at this point. Strike Three.

Turned out to be a simple jam. Whew. I'm printing, printing, looking at my friend Michelle's AWESOME U2 pics when the printer stops again--only this time in a happy way. "I'm done," it says. I'm thinking, wow, that was fast. But what did I expect seeing how it had only printed half of the book? Strike Four!

I troubleshoot. I unplug and replug. I stand on my head. I brush all of the cat hair off of the top. Still nothing. As a last resort, I pressed a link for HP's online help site. After sifting through dozens of irrelevant articles, I find the topic I need for when the printer doesn't print. Their suggestion? Turn it on and off, then see if it works. Duh. Feeling like an idiot, yes it did work, and my AAs are happily sitting beside me.

Moral to this insanely long story? I should've eaten chocolate before attempting anything!!! Have a great, strike-free Wednesday!!! Oh--and if you want to waste time with me, join me for cyber-chocolate over on Facebook!!


Gillian Layne said...

Yes! I have been living that day too--only not with book edits--but yes, the same insane day. I think the planets are out of alignment or something.

Your dog is too cute!

Linda Warren said...

I have lot of those days. I thought it was just me. LOL


Linda Henderson said...

Such has been my whole families week. And we are only half through it. I told my daughter this morning, hang in there, it will get better. Boy, I hope so. Let's all wish for a wonderful week next week.

nicolerko said...

I have those days when nothing goes right until finally one thing happens to turn your day around.

I must agree the games on facebook are very addicting.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Gillian, Linda & Linda, it's funny how all of you and so many of my friends have had a crazy week!! Wonder if there's some nutty planet alignment thing going on??

Nico--what's your fave Facebook game? I've GOT to earn the mansion on Farmville and it's making me nuts!! I was at the movies the other afternoon, and had to call home for a kid to harvest my raspberries!! LOL!! ;-)

shelley galloway said...


I just read your post. Thanks for the Monday morning smile. I, too, thought all those computer glitches only happened to me. And, for future reference, chocolate fudge poptarts start a day like that beautifully!


Laura Marie Altom said...

Shelley!! I miss you, and am glad I'm not the only "float" in the computer glitch parade!! LOL!! I'm going to get those Pop-Tarts TODAY!!!

Megan Kelly said...

Laura, Find me, friend me, be my neighbor! I'm devastated right now because Farmville won't load. Need an intervention, but don't tell anyone. lol I've weaned myself off Vampire Wars but Mafia Wars has me hooked still. (It won't load tonight either.) Guess I'll give up and go to bed. Hope your week is getting better.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Poor, Megan!! That's the worst when you've got a crop withering away and can't log on to save it!!

P.S. I'm off to friend you right now!!