Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Something to worry about...

Like Megan I was searching for something to blog about. All I had to do was look out my window. I live in Texas and we’re experiencing the worse drought in years. It hasn’t rained in months. The grass is brown, the ground cracked and trees are dying because of lack of water. Lakes, rivers and ponds are dangerously low. We live on a lake and I took this picture yesterday. Normally we can only see the tip of that old tree. That’s how low our lake is, but the turtles love to sun on it.

I can’t do anything about the weather, so I worry.
My family is in the ranching business and, oh, did I mention we need rain. My nephew couldn’t figure out why the protein blocks, salt and minerals he put out for the cattle weren’t lasting as long as they should. He took this picture and caught the culprits. Animals are hungry and eating anything they can find.
A flock of Canada geese arrive on our lake in the spring and stay through the summer. They leave in the fall, but they always return. Lately a bobcat has taken to making the geese his nightly meal. A neighbor shot at him (we’re out of the city limits) as he was dragging a tame goose away (they can’t fly). He missed and there’s just one tame goose left. Now the bobcat has started in on the Canada geese. They can fly so they’re not easy prey, unless he catches them sleeping, as he must have done with this goose. Her wing is broken and now she can’t fly. When the geese leave, she’ll be stuck here (I call it a she. I have no clue what it is and my husband can’t get close enough to even think of checking.). We keep a close eye on her, but at night she’s at the mercy of whatever is out there. Yes, I worry about the goose and make sure she has plenty of food. I check every morning to see if she’s still there. I’ll be very upset when she isn’t.

This past weekend my husband went out to west Texas with some of his friends to a hunting lease. He took this picture the next morning. They were sleeping twelve feet away. Who knew a rattlesnake could climb a wire fence. He’s hungry, too. But this one I won’t worry about.

I have to admit I’m a natural born worrier. I just can’t help it. How about you?

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P.S. – Does anyone know how to tell a male Canada goose from a female? (Beside the obvious)


Mint said...

I wish I could send some rain down your way. I live in Southwest Missouri and everything is beautiful and green. Last year at this time the leaves on the trees were already dying because it was so dry but this year we have had enough to keep them green. I don't know how to tell the birds apart but usually the male bird is prettier than the female with most birds. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Linda Henderson

Linda Warren said...

Hi Linda,
I thought that too about the birds, but the Canada geese look excatly alike. I have no idea which is which. Evidently they do. LOL

Oh, I wish we had some of your rain. The only thing that's green around our house is the part we water. And some of the leaves on our trees are already turning. Fall is in the air and we're hoping for rain.

Megan Kelly said...

Linda, we'll all pray for rain for your area. When my dh goes to lunch, I'll call him. He might be able to tell a goose from a gander. (I'm not even sure of the terminology myself!) EEEKS on the snake being so close to the sleeping area.
Poor bobcat has to eat too. I found one as a child; it, too, was a baby. Just a really big cat with a really deep rumbly purr when I brought it milk or petted it. My mom freaked when she found out what I was sneaking milk out to. LOL
I'm not much of a worrier, but I'm not a farmer/rancher. We've had so many drought summers, this year is a blessing with its rain and cool temps.

Linda Warren said...

I have a nephew who found a baby bobcat in the woods. He fed it with a baby bottle. It was, like you said, a big cat. The older he got the more aggressive he became so he had to get rid of it.

I bet your mother was freaked. Not exactly a sweet kitty-cat.

I with you on that snake. It took all the courage I had to post that sucker's picture.

Please let me know if you find out about goose/gander thing. There has to be a marking of some sort.


housemouse88 said...

Hello Linda,

Wish I could send rain your way. We have had plenty in KY. This is the first year our grass is not brown since we moved here 7 years ago. Usually by this time I've got both of our air conditioners going full blast. This year I've not had to run them that much. Hope the weather changes for you all soon. Have a great day.

Laura Bradford said...

It is weird how things can be so different within our own country. Here in NY, there was only 1 day in all of June without ANY rain. One day.

I hope things get better there soon!

Marcie said...

Like Laura said. Isn't that the way - some areas get too much and some not nearly enough.
But know there is someone way high up who will take care of things. Maybe not this minute, but soon.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Roberta,
The weathher just keeps getting stranger. There's a lot of farms and ranches in Texas and they're struggling becaues of the extreme heat and no rain. But it's September so things have got to change. I'm glad things are better in Kentucky.

Linda Warren said...

That's so different than the weather here. You're probably wishing for less rain. Our daily ritual is listening to the weather report. We had a five minute shower the other day and it felt wonderful. The temperature was cooler too. That means fall is around corner. Yay!

Linda Warren said...

I know. That's the nature of things. We're never satisfied. But, dang, it's hot and dry. Just gotta complain. LOL

Megan Kelly said...

Linda, I hope it's late enough to post this (it's kinda PG-rated). DH says he's only seen this done once and it was a biologist determining goose's gender. It's not a visual thing, unfortunately. Because of the feathers and general anatomy, the bird must be pressed on in the correct areas to see if something pops out, if you get my meaning. Not for the average person to do, as that could hurt (and anger!) the goose. lol
I'd say go with calling her a her.

Linda Warren said...

I'm laughing my head off. We're not holding the goose down and waiting for something to pop out. LOL. I don't want to know that bad. It's a her, for sure.

Thank your hubby for the information. It's priceless!


CC Coburn said...

Okay, you're gonna have to educate this dumb Aussie, Linda! :-)
Firstly, what's the animal next to the raccoon? Is is an armadillo? A deer or a kangaroo? (big grin)
Secondly, why can't tame geese fly?
Thirdly, that snake gave me the willies - ugh! Remind me never to go camping in TX.
Having grown up in the middle of the Australia desert, I hear you about the drought - every drop is precious.
Here's hoping the Fall brings rain and more food for the bobcat that doesn't involve him poaching your geese.

Linda Warren said...

The animal next to the raccoon is a deer. (smile)

I really have no idea why tame geese can't fly. One thing I've noticed, though, is that their wings are not as large. When the Canada geese spread their wings to fly, it's like a 747 taking off.

My husband took the snake photo just for me. He knows I'm deadly afraid of them. That dude was over six feet.(cringe)

Would you believe it rained yesterday? And we're expecting more today. Hallelujah!!

Megan Kelly said...

Yay for rain! :)

penney said...

Wow Linda I'm glad your husband and his friends are ok. those rattles can be bad. Years ago in my teens I held a baby without getting bite but never again. I still can't believe how stupid I was! A bunch of us caught it by the ranger station they came out and called the sheriff and they got it away from me but they sure chewed me out and they told my Mom she was Not happy.

Linda Warren said...

Oh, Penney, how scary. Are baby rattlers dangerous? It doesn't matter. I'm still not holding one. (cringe) I'm very glad you didn't get bit.

And I'm glad my hubby is okay, too. Guys love that kind of stuff, though.

It's raining again today. Yay! Everyone, including the animals, are happy dancing.

penney said...

Hi Linda
Their are wise tails that say a baby rattle is 10 times more dangerous than a full grown one, but that's not true if you talk to the people that breed rattle snakes they will tell you yes they are dangerous but not as poison as the big ones. Yes they will still curl up and shake their tail and try and bite. We caught it trying to cross the road in front of the ranger station. I think it was more scare of cars at the time than a couple teenagers trying to catch it.
Now some 30 years older I would not want to try it again. I don't think I could move that fast now LOL!